Maude Kerns Art Center Displays Textiles

EUGENE, Ore. — Art is not just painted canvases and sculptures. A new textile exhibit called “Curious Temptations” is opening Friday night at the Maude Kerns Art Center. It features textile art from five local artists. Some of them are internationally recognized. Michael Fisher, Executive Coordinator at Maude Kerns, joined us live in the studio … Continue reading »

Textile Artists Showcase Creations

EUGENE, Ore. — Textile artist Janet Hiller can spend hours at her board cutting straight lines and whimsical ones. Hiller comes from a family of sewers. She sewed clothes originally and then crossed into textile art about 25 years ago when she saw what Japanese quilters were creating. “They were very kind of edgy and … Continue reading »

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store Opens

EUGENE, Ore. — Crafters, scrapbookers, and seamstresses are all loading up now that Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store is open for business. Its new location in the Delta Oaks Shopping Center just opened. The building had been vacant since 2005. With the extra space, store managers plan to offer more services and products and expand … Continue reading »