Faerieworlds Celebrates Last Festival

EUGENE, Ore. — Sunday marked the last time people will be celebrating the Faerieworlds Festival in Eugene. Festival organizers say Lane County cancelled their contract after residents put up a fight against large outdoor gatherings at Emerald Meadows. What this all means is that next year they’ll set up shop near Portland at Horning’s Hideout. … Continue reading »

Faerieworlds Realm at Mt. Pisgah

EUGENE, Ore. — People at Mt. Pisgah experienced another realm at the 12th annual Faerieworlds, Saturday. Everyone came in their unique costumes to make their fantasies a reality. From fairies to fantasy super heroes, people expressed themselves through appearance, dancing and singing. Fair co-producer Robert Gould says over the years the event has gained popularity … Continue reading »

Faerieworlds Opens at Mt. Pisgah

EUGENE, Ore. — Twelve years strong, the annual Faerieworlds kicked off today at Mt. Pisgah. The event melds together folk music and dance with fantasy-inspired entertainment. Faerieworlds is the second-largest festival in Eugene, attracting thousands of guests from across the U.S., Canada and even Europe. Organizers say the event allows visitors to explore different world … Continue reading »

Fantasy Fans Gather at Faerieworlds

MT. PISGAH, Ore. — Every summer, faeries invade Eugene. This is the weekend for the invasion. Fantasy fans gathered at Mt. Pisgah Friday to kick off the annual Faerieworlds Festival. It’s a three-day event that lets attendees get away from work, dress in costume and meet new people. “The great thing about Faerieworld is that … Continue reading »