Rain Helping Farmers

HARRISBURG, Ore. — After a dry January, farmers are breathing a sigh of relief this week because they are finally getting the rain the soils need. Though some farm lands are seeing a bit of flooding, crop growers in the Willamette Valley are saying they are happy to see the rain. Detering Orchards, a farm … Continue reading »

Local Farm Holds Open House

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The community got to experience farm life at A Peaceful Sanctuary – ┬áThe Farm’s open house Sunday. Over 20 breeds of young hens were on sale and the visitors got the chance to feed the alpacas and cashmere goats. The owner says the community was very receptive to learning more about farm … Continue reading »

Weather Complicates Hay Season

EUGENE, Ore. — These up-and-down conditions and historically dry weather have complicated things for all sorts of farmers, particularly hay farmers who work with an extremely sensitive crop. Last spring, farmers were begging for a break from the rain. This year a dry spell threw them for a loop. And what was on course to … Continue reading »

Local Farmers Cope without Rain

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s been 19 dry days and counting now in what’s shaping up to be one of the drier springs on record. Local farms have only received six inches of rain since January, about a third of what they’re supposed to get. But where Mother Nature fails, farmers prevail. “When it gets hot, … Continue reading »

The Sustainable Table: That’s My Farmer

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Tomatoes, berries, squash–they’re part of the delicious seasons that are summer and fall here in Oregon. Though it will be a few months before people get to taste them, local farms are already preparing for the harvest. “Right now, we’re starting all the seedlings for the season. We have onions, broccoli, … Continue reading »

Fire Protection for Benton County

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Officials in Benton County are seeking to provide formal fire protection to a rural area south of Corvallis. The area is called Greenberry Gap–27,000 acres of mostly farmland that falls outside the boundary of any rural fire protection district. For the first time, Benton County is considering annexation of a two-square-mile neighborhood … Continue reading »

Farm Bill Tentative Agreement Reached

(CNN) — There’s still no deal on the fiscal cliff. But lawmakers have reached a tentative agreement to keep your milk prices from going up in the new year. Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow said Sunday that the House and Senate have developed a short-term farm bill extension. Lawmakers say it would last one year. But, … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Biodynamic Farming

NOTI, Ore. — It’s a soggy December day, but it will take more than rain to keep the staff from Winter Green Farm out of the fields. “Right now, we’re just harvesting the remnants of crops,” said Wali Via, Winter Green Farm Co-Owner. Crops like cabbage, Brussels sprouts–plants that can survive this far into the … Continue reading »

Growing Fish and Produce Together

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon is home to the largest aquaponics farm in the country. The Farming Fish started with a lot of conversations. The farm’s three partners spent years researching their idea. “It’s the marriage of aquaculture–raising fish for food with hydroponics–which is raising produce or plants in water; so when you combine those two, … Continue reading »