Storm Damages Masonic Cemetery

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s first cemetery is still working through the damage of February’s winter weather. Staff say the ice storm took quite a toll on the centuries old Eugene Masonic Cemetery. More than a month later, fallen limbs and trees still litter the grounds. Volunteer crews are working hard to clean things up. “Eugene … Continue reading »

Residents Remove, Compost Yard Debris

EUGENE, Ore. — Two weeks after the snow started falling and the trees came down with the ice, many people are still figuring out what to do with all the storm debris. The city of Eugene says there are a few things residents can do with storm debris. They can turn the debris into wood … Continue reading »

Crews Remove Large Tree from House

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Tree cleanup continues across the area following last week’s storm. In Springfield, one homeowner waited nine days to get a tree off her roof. On Glacier Drive in east Springfield, a five-man crew attempted to remove a 135-foot, 22,000 pound Douglas Fir tree that fell on her home a week ago Saturday. … Continue reading »

Storm Cleanup Efforts Continue

EUGENE, Ore. — There are still downed trees all over western Oregon keeping cleanup crews busy, but there are other new concerns coming in the aftermath of the storm. On Norkenzie Road near Cal Young Road, residents say the storm is creating potholes in the road, in addition to the downed trees and electric problems. … Continue reading »

Mohawk River Floods Nearby Golf Course

NEAR SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Mohawk River, like many others across Western Oregon were nearing flood stage Saturday night. While the water level was high, a flood warning for the area has been cancelled. But, the water level is still causing some flooding near the river. As water rushes downstream on the Mohawk River, it’s … Continue reading »

Storm Damages Cottage Grove Golf Course

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — The recent storm did some heavy damage to the Middlefield Golf Course in Cottage Grove. Now the city is working to clean up the mess. Several downed trees, branches and other debris fell on the course. The public works department says it will take two to three months to clean it … Continue reading »

Stations Open for Locals without Power

EUGENE, Ore. — There are places to go in Eugene and Springfield for people who are still without power so you can take a quick shower or charge your electronics. In Eugene, you can go to the public libraries or city pools. People at the library say knowing the cities are offering help is encouraging. … Continue reading »

Power Still Out in Rural Areas

VENETA, Ore. — Many rural communities are still without power, five days after the lights went out. Lane Electric says its crews are working 18-hour days to restore power. But even with those long hours, they still don’t have an estimate on when power will be restored for all customers because the areas they’re fixing … Continue reading »

County Creates Info Line for Outage Help

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County has created an information call center for local residents who are experiencing hardship from power outages due to last week’s winter storm. The emergency management team has contracted out United Way to field the calls. The purpose is to provide people with information and assistance for what resources they have … Continue reading »

Eugene Prepares for High Winds

EUGENE, Ore. — The mess from Saturday’s ice storm is far from cleaned up as homes are still left in the dark and residents are still shaken up from the storm. “It was really the most scared I’ve been in like ten years. They hit our power line, we probably had maybe six hours of … Continue reading »

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