EWEB Crews to Work Through Rain and Wind

EUGENE, Ore. — With wind and rain in the forecast, utility crews are still working nonstop to get power restored in the area. EWEB says power has been restored for most of its customers. As of Tuesday evening, 800 customers are without power. Crews throughout the area are still working around the clock to get … Continue reading »

Local Cable Lines Out

EUGENE, Ore. — While many are still without power due to the snow storm, others are missing their cable and Internet access. Residents on Riverview Street in the Laurel Hill area say they didn’t lose power, but they still felt limited. Cable crews say power lines likely fell on cable lines, and they couldn’t do … Continue reading »

Local Reservoirs Ready for Rain

LOWELL, Ore. — As the snow and ice melts and rain moves into the area, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it will be keeping its eye on local river levels. As this next storm moves into the area, officials say some rivers will be above their normal bank levels, but they just started … Continue reading »

Cost of Winter Storm Climbs

EUGENE, Ore. — The past weekend’s storm comes on the heels of December’s storm, but this one could be more costly. In fact, cuts could be made to pay for it. The latest storm was shorter than December’s storm but it was more intense. The amount of snow the area got over the past weekend … Continue reading »

Tree Falls on House in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. —¬†Around town you’ll see many trees uprooted or broken in half from the weight of the ice from the storm, but one man in south Eugene is actually thankful a tree in his yard landed where it did. On Saturday afternoon, Del Matheson heard a loud crack followed by a giant crash, as … Continue reading »

Thousands Still Without Power

EUGENE, Ore. — The snowstorm may have come and gone, but the cleanup continues. Neighborhoods are still littered with tree branches, and thousands of people are still without power. EWEB crews have been working nonstop since Friday, and they’re just one of several companies still working around the clock to get things back up and … Continue reading »

Local Residents Living Without Power

EUGENE, Ore. — For some, the power is back on, and it couldn’t happen soon enough. Neighbors in the Seavey Loop Road area were without power for about 24 hours. Eugene resident Heather Lawrence says after just a day the dishes build up, laundry stacks up, and sleeping becomes a bit difficult. In her case, … Continue reading »

No Pizza Deliveries During Storm

EUGENE, Ore. — This weekend’s snow storm took a toll on local food delivery businesses. Managers at Papa’s Pizza says they weren’t able to deliver food Thursday through Sunday because of road conditions. It affected customers and workers. The general manager says many employees weren’t able to make it to work, and those who did … Continue reading »

Corvallis Garbage Service Delayed

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The slippery roads have delayed garbage services in some Corvallis neighborhoods. Republic Services is asking for patience. The company says it couldn’t get to at least 2,500 homes since the snow hit, especially in the hilly areas of town. The company says if a truck hasn’t picked up your garbage, recycling or … Continue reading »

Crews Prepare for Localized Flooding

EUGENE, Ore. — Both Eugene and Springfield public works crews are out in full force working to prevent localized flooding as all this snow melts. Crews are out clearing catch basins of any debris to make sure the water has somewhere to go. In Eugene, public works crews split into four different groups to work … Continue reading »

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