Agencies to Apply for FEMA Funding

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Several Lane County public agencies plan to apply for federal funding after February’s snow storm left parts of the area without power for days. This comes after President Barack Obama announced this month agencies could apply for FEMA funding. All of the agencies we spoke with say while they knew the … Continue reading »

Neighbors Fight to Rebuild Boardwalk

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Neighbors are fundraising to bring back a boardwalk to the Marys River Natural Area, after the original was destroyed during a major flood two years ago. The Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department received $193,910 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds to pay for 75 percent of the cost to replace the boardwalk. … Continue reading »

FEMA Raises Mapleton Home from Floods

MAPLETON, Ore. — A Mapleton homeowner is getting some help in hopes of avoiding future flooding. FEMA is giving the homeowner a $77,000 grant to raise the home, which sits in a floodplain. The grant covers 75% of the project while the homeowner has to pick up the rest of the cost. In January, flooding … Continue reading »