School Norovirus Investigation Concluded

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. — Douglas County Health and Social Services concluded its investigation of a norovirus outbreak at several schools. Students and staff first contracted the virus at Fir Grove Elementary School. An outbreak occurred later at Oakland Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School, Oakland High School. According to test results, the virus strains were nearly … Continue reading »

Victims Tested Positive for Norovirus

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Douglas County Health and Social Services released an update about an illness that swept through a Roseburg Elementary School, forcing it to shut down for two days. Five of the victims tested positive for norovirus. Last Thursday, half the school called in sick. More students and staff fell ill when they got … Continue reading »

Students Return to Roseburg School

ROSEBURG, Ore. — A Roseburg elementary school reopened Tuesday after a mysterious illness forced it to close for several days. Last Thursday, several students and staff members at Fir Grove Elementary either called in sick or became ill upon arriving at the school. As a precaution, administrators suspended classes while Douglas County Public Health investigated … Continue reading »

Parents Deal with School Closure

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Some Roseburg elementary school students ended up with an unexpected four-day weekend after some kind of virus swept through their school. Fir Grove Elementary sent students home early Thursday and closed down completely Friday. By noon on Thursday, the school estimated that nearly half the student body and staff were out sick … Continue reading »

School Closes Due to Unknown Virus

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Students not already sick will enjoy an extended weekend. Administrators in the Roseburg School District say an unidentified sickness is working its way through Fir Grove Elementary. They’ve already called off school for Friday. The superintendent says nearly half of the student body is sick, so as a precautionary measure, they called … Continue reading »