Firefighters Being Called on Crime Duty

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. – As budget concerns continue to stifle Josephine County law enforcement, residents are beginning to look elsewhere. Now fire departments say they’re getting calls from people who see them as the only ones who will respond to crimes. Last week the Illinois Valley Fire District responded to a call for medical aid, … Continue reading »

Firefighters Helping the Homeless

EUGENE, Ore. — Local firefighters traded in the hoses and hydrants for the hammers and nails Monday to build transitional housing at Opportunity Village. Monday they built the bungalows from the ground up, using charity money collected throughout the year to pay for supplies. The group built two bungalows in Opportunity Village. Firefighters and paramedics … Continue reading »

Walden Addresses Volunteer Fire Crisis

WHITE CITY, Ore. — Representative Greg Walden met with fire chiefs from Jackson County to discuss the classification of volunteer firefighters on Saturday. The congressman and fire officials were addressing a bill introduced to U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee back in December. Under the Affordable Care Act, anyone working thirty hours or … Continue reading »

Firefighters Train with The Jaws of Life

GOSHEN, Ore. — Firefighters go through endless hours of training.  This weekend firefighters in Goshen specifically trained with one tool they use–The Jaws of Life–to extract people from cars. They cut up nearly 150 cars this weekend during the training, even using mannequins in some for more realistic training. KEZI 9 News photographer Tisa Zito … Continue reading »

Lane County Firefighters Return Home

EUGENE, Ore. — Officials say the threat to homes has gone down and some crews who were responsible for protecting structures returned home. Right around noon on Sunday, six Lane County fire crews returned from southern Oregon. They left home last Saturday to help battle the Douglas Complex wildfires. After some debriefing at the Goshen Fire … Continue reading »

Firefighters Host Annual Chicken BBQ

EUGENE, Ore. — The Santa Clara Fire District couldn’t serve the community without its team of volunteer firefighters and they need funding. The crew is hosting its 56th annual Chicken Bar-B-Que on Saturday. About 750 chickens in all will be slow cooked. Also on the menu are pork and beans and coleslaw. Thirty volunteer firefighters … Continue reading »

Interview: Local Firefighters Host BBQ

SANTA CLARA, Ore. — If you see smoke in Santa Clara on Saturday, follow it and you’ll find some serious barbecuing going on. The Santa Clara Volunteer Fire District hosting its annual cook-out. Volunteer firefighters Alex Handsaker and Chad Carpenter joined us on KEZI 9 News This Morning to talk to us about the annual … Continue reading »

Fire Burns North of Eugene

COBURG HILLS, Ore. — Firefighters are working from the ground and the sky to put out a fire burning about two and a half acres in the Coburg Hills. A helicopter dumped water on the blaze on Friday evening as more than a dozen firefighters worked to extinguish it.  Officials from the Oregon Department of … Continue reading »

Hotshot Firefighters Among the Best

EUGENE, Ore. – Firefighters go through extensive training before taking on a fire, but Hotshot crews go through even more intense training. Hotshot crews in the Siskiyou National Forest are some of the strongest firefighters around. Firefighters at Grayback Forestry Inc. say for just basic training they do 40 hours of classroom training with a … Continue reading »

Firefighters Battle Fall Creek Wildfire

FALL CREEK, Ore. — Firefighters worked into the evening battling a blaze near Fall Creek Saturday afternoon. Around 5 p.m. dozens of fire crews were still fighting the fire up in a wooded area in Fall Creek. Crews ran into a bit of trouble trying to get close to the fire, as one of their trucks … Continue reading »

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