Reuniting Lost Pets With Owners

EUGENE, Ore. — First Avenue Shelter is working to re-unite lost dogs and cats with their owners Saturday after some pets startled by fireworks ran away from their homes. The shelter said this is the busiest time of the year for them and even though the Fourth of July was yesterday, they expect people will … Continue reading »

First Avenue Shelter Hosts Kitten Shower

EUGENE, Ore. — The First Avenue Animal shelter was packed Saturday for its First Annual Kitten Shower. The goal of the event was to provide an opportunity to meet the kittens and learn about adoption and volunteer opportunities. The community learned more about cats with some trivia and prizes. Organizers say they plan to host … Continue reading »

Greenhill Responds to Protests

EUGENE, Ore. — Wednesday night and Thursday morning, protesters met outside First Avenue Shelter in Eugene, after they say the shelter was going to euthanize two dogs. Greenhill, which manages First Avenue, has since responded. Cary Lieberman, Greenhill’s Executive Director, noted in an email that the shelter has a 98-percent live rate, and they only … Continue reading »

Group Protests at First Avenue Shelter

EUGENE, Ore. — A small group of protesters gathered late Thursday night outside the First Avenue Shelter. They voiced their concerns over dogs they say were euthanasia candidates. They say the shelter was planning to kill them Thursday even though protesters claim a different group would assume responsibility for the dogs. The protesters say First … Continue reading »

Animal Shelter Loses Heat

EUGENE, Ore. — Some citizens are outraged over the loss of heat at a local animal shelter. They say the city and the employees at the First Avenue Shelter in Eugene aren’t doing enough to fix it. The city says the shelter and the animals in it are definitely a priority to it and that’s … Continue reading »