Fish Truck Driver Charged with DUII

CEDAR FLAT, Ore. — The driver involved in last week’s fish hatchery truck crash on Highway 126 will be charged with DUII. Oregon State Police says Ray Lewis had a blood-alcohol level nearly four times the legal limit. Investigators say Lewis was driving a ODFW truck a week ago full of Chinook salmon when he … Continue reading »

Truck Driver Investigated for DUII

CEDAR FLAT, Ore. — After a semi-truck crashed on Highway 126 Tuesday afternoon, we’re now learning the driver is under investigation for DUII. Oregon State Police says 45-year-old Ray Lewis’ blood alcohol content level (BAC) was a 0.29, nearly four times the legal limit. OSP says he denied drinking, saying he hadn’t had alcohol in … Continue reading »

ODFW Rescues Stranded Fish

BEND, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will conduct a fish rescue and relocation operation on the upper Deschutes River at Lava Island Falls. Fishery biologists, staff, and volunteers will try to save stranded fish by moving them from shallow, isolated pools near the falls to the main channel of the Deschutes … Continue reading »

Man Cited for Illegally Catching Fish

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife troopers cited an Astoria man on several commercial fish-related charges after seizing illegally caught fish. OSP seized 748 pounds of illegally caught Chinook salmon and a 1,200 foot gillnet used to catch the fish. Around 10:30 p.m. Friday, the troopers checked a boat belonging to Duffy … Continue reading »

Dead Fish Spotted on Willamette River

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield man is concerned for the safety of both wildlife and the community after spotting a number of dead fish on the Willamette River. Chris Flowerday says he’s seen as many as six dead fish on the river in one day. One day this week he saw another dead fish–a steelhead. … Continue reading »

Swimmers React to Fish Die-Off

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — An advisory to keep people out of the Willamette River from Island Park in Springfield to Alton Baker Park in Eugene has some swimmers and fishermen finding a different place to go. But, others said they’ll still be going in the river despite this advisory. Many people out at the Willamette River … Continue reading »

ODFW Reworks Budget

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says a way of life in the state is declining, forcing it to rework its budget. ODFW says with fewer Oregonians fishing and hunting, there is less money to pay for wildlife management and conservation. The department has to look at how it pays for … Continue reading »

Advisory Issued for Columbia River Fish

BONNEVILLE, Ore. – Oregon and Washington health officials have limited the consumption of some fish species near the Bonneville Dam and the middle Columbia River. Public health officials issued the advisory due to elevated levels of mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls found in the tissue of resident fish. The species of concern include bass, bluegill, yellow … Continue reading »

Anti-Snagging Rule Takes Effect

The state says starting Friday, March 1, you can’t snag fish from the North Umpqua River. A new anti-snagging rule is meant to curb snagging of spring Chinook headed up river to spawn. Snagging is basically when a fisherman uses a big hook in hopes of snagging a fish in the river instead of hooking … Continue reading »

No Local Fish Fraud

EUGENE, Ore. — The fish you ask for might not be the fish you get–that’s the conclusion of a national study that just came out. If a deal at the fish market seems a little bit fishy, it’s probably because you’re not getting what you paid for. But local fish market owners say they’ve never … Continue reading »