Advisory Issued for Columbia River Fish

BONNEVILLE, Ore. – Oregon and Washington health officials have limited the consumption of some fish species near the Bonneville Dam and the middle Columbia River. Public health officials issued the advisory due to elevated levels of mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls found in the tissue of resident fish. The species of concern include bass, bluegill, yellow … Continue reading »

Anti-Snagging Rule Takes Effect

The state says starting Friday, March 1, you can’t snag fish from the North Umpqua River. A new anti-snagging rule is meant to curb snagging of spring Chinook headed up river to spawn. Snagging is basically when a fisherman uses a big hook in hopes of snagging a fish in the river instead of hooking … Continue reading »

No Local Fish Fraud

EUGENE, Ore. — The fish you ask for might not be the fish you get–that’s the conclusion of a national study that just came out. If a deal at the fish market seems a little bit fishy, it’s probably because you’re not getting what you paid for. But local fish market owners say they’ve never … Continue reading »