Airline Ticket Prices Rise

(CNN) — Some airline costs are going down, but ticket prices are still going up. The price of jet fuel is down 18 percent since August, but airfares have increased 3 percent this year. They’ve climbed 31 percent since 2009. That’s according to the industry trade group Airlines for America. So if gas is cheaper, … Continue reading »

United Drops Express Flight to PDX

EUGENE, Ore. — Bad news for frequent flyers in western Oregon. After September 1, you won’t be able to fly directly from Eugene to Portland on the United Express flight. The Eugene airports say that even though this particular flight will stop, there will still be other options to choose from. But passengers we spoke … Continue reading »

Delays at Eugene Airport

EUGENE, Ore. — The deadly crash caused many delays and cancellations around the nation, including the Eugene Airport. The ripple effect lasted all weekend long and into Monday. The 7:37 p.m. flight to the San Francisco airport was cancelled Monday. Two afternoon flights to the Bay area were delayed. Travelers had to wait more than … Continue reading »

Alaska Air Passenger Reflects on Flight

EUGENE, Ore. — Alexander Herrera is blaming his bi-polar disorder for his troubling actions on an Alaska Air flight into Portland early Monday morning. Hererra says he wasn’t on his proper medication when he tried to open the exit door during the flight from Anchorage to PDX. Lance Risser of Eugene says the red eye … Continue reading »

Soldiers Get Hands-on Flight Training

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Soldiers in the Oregon National Guard took a flight they’ll never forget. Soldiers from B Company 2-162 flew in a CH-47 Heavy Lift Chinook Aircraft. For many of them, this was a first. “Looking forward to riding the chinook helicopter. I’ve never done it before so it’ll be a fun experience,” said┬áSpecialist … Continue reading »

Frontier Airlines Takes Flight in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Frontier Airlines’ first flight out of Eugene is about to take flight. Two pilots, originally from the Eugene area, will fly be flying in Thursday. And then, Thursday afternoon the 138-seat Airbus 319 will depart on its inaugural flight from Eugene to Denver. Frontier Airlines will offer the non-stop service three times … Continue reading »