CDC: 45 Children Haved Died from Flu

(CNN) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this year’s flu season is now at epidemic levels. According to the organization, 8.5 percent of all deaths reported were due to pneumonia and influenza. Nineteen children died last week, bringing the total number of pediatric flu deaths for the season to 45. A CDC … Continue reading »

Hospital Visits Restricted Due to Flu

CORVALLIS, Ore. — As of Thursday, there are new restrictions in place at all Good Samaritan Hospitals in Oregon for the rest of flu season. This affects visitors in the pediatric units and birthing centers to protect vulnerable patients. New moms and pediatric patients can have just four visitors total during their stay. A Corvallis … Continue reading »

Flu Cases Expected to Grow

EUGENE, Ore. — The flu is now widespread in 43 states. That’s the latest from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the latest government report, Oregon is one of the last U.S. states or territories still unscathed by the flu epidemic. But the Oregon Division of Public Health says flu related hospitalizations … Continue reading »

Interview: Flu Epidemic in US

EUGENE, Ore. — Winter has only just started, but there’s already a flu epidemic in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control says the flu is now widespread in 36 states and is responsible for the deaths of 15 children. And it estimates that nearly 7 percent of all deaths nationwide were due to pneumonia … Continue reading »

Travelers React to Ebola

EUGENE, Ore. — News that the second Ebola patient traveled before she was diagnosed has some people wondering if the virus could be making its way west and how it could impact travel. In a release by Frontier Airlines, the company she was flying with, crew members say that she didn’t show any signs of … Continue reading »

Nick Cannon Discusses Flu Prevention

EUGENE, Ore. — Television star Nick Cannon teamed up with Theraflu and Families Fighting Flu, a non-profit, volunteer-based advocacy organization, to help raise awareness about the Fluprint program. The Fluprint program is a five step action plan that gets families ready for the flu. It also raises money for Families Fighting Flu. All you have to do … Continue reading »

Lane Co. Monitoring Mystery Virus

LANE COUNTY, Ore.– The Lane County Public Health Department is keeping an eye on the mystery illness, that is continuing to sicken thousands of children in at least 12 states throughout the US. The culprit is believed to be Enterovirus 68, but this isn’t the first outbreak in the US. “It does circulate every few years. … Continue reading »

PeaceHealth Labs Helping Track Flu

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Influenza–including this season’s most common strain, H1N1–can be difficult for doctors to diagnose, but a Peacehealth lab is making it easier for physicians in Lane County. Peacehealth Laboratories in Springfield does most of the flu tests within Lane County, but it serves a wider area. “We’re able to not only provide high-quality, … Continue reading »

Naturalists Offer Other Flu Remedies

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County health experts say the number of flu cases continues to rise. But for those uncomfortable with the flu vaccine, naturalists say there are holistic approaches. Employees at Red Barn Natural Grocery in Eugene say eating whole foods, rather than processed and packaged foods, is probably the best way to prevent … Continue reading »

Ronan Burgess Memorial Fund

EUGENE, Ore. — The mother of the 5-year-old boy who recently died from the H1N1 flu is back in Eugene. She’s sharing her story and getting a memorial fund set up for her son. Calandra Burgess says she has the fund set up through US Bank and anyone can donate at any branch. Her son, … Continue reading »

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