Another Hot Day on Tap

WEATHER DISCUSSION Looking like a carbon copy of yesterday on tap for today. We started the morning with some low lying clouds and fog at the coast and in the basin. Mostly clear skies in all others regions. Temperatures started out mild as well, with the warmest spot being Roseburg. This afternoon, the marine layer … Continue reading »

How to Stay Safe in the Fog

EUGENE, Ore. — With more fog in the forecast, police have a few reminders to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. Eugene police says it hasn’t responded to many fog-related accidents, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t potential dangers. Police are asking drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists to pay extra attention to their surroundings. “The lights on … Continue reading »

Fog Related Crashes

HARRISBURG, Ore. — Law enforcement is blaming the dense fog for multiple crashes along I-5 today. The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is warning drivers about poor visibility that is expected to creep in again Sunday tonight. They say they helped Oregon State Police respond to numerous fog-related accidents, mostly in southern Linn County Saturday morning. … Continue reading »

Third Driest January on Record

EUGENE, Ore. — This January will go down as foggy and cold, but will not be remembered as wet! In fact, this was the third driest January ever recorded in Eugene. But does it matter? What does it mean to be five-and-a-half inches below average in rainfall, in what is normally our third wettest month … Continue reading »

Valley Wakes Up to Freezing Fog

EUGENE, Ore. — For a sixth day, the lower Willamette Valley woke up to freezing fog. The thick, heavy clouds hung low all day, unless you got above a thousand feet. The extended chill has a lot of people looking for a way to get out of the fog. “I can’t remember one lasting as … Continue reading »