Nine Arrested in ID Fraud Ring

Montgomery, AL (CNN) — The U.S. Department of Justice charges nine women, accusing them of running an ID fraud ring. Officials say the women stole identities from a number of U.S. soldiers and filed thousands of tax returns, claiming more than $20 million. U.S. Attorney George Beck says it’s sad that soldiers defending the country … Continue reading »

DA Investigates Fundraiser Fraud

DRAIN, Ore. — A family from Drain is dealing with more heartache just months after their son was accidentally shot and killed. Amber Williams says she and her family have been working with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the district attorney on an investigation into what she says is a fraudulent benefit in the … Continue reading »

Illegal Reshipping Operation Uncovered

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A Tangent man is accused of taking part in a computer crime, after detectives say he participated in an illegal scheme that may have reached around the world. Daniel Gregory was charged with one count of computer crime for allegedly acting as a middle man in a reshipping scheme. Investigators say he … Continue reading »