Funnel Cloud Leaves Damage near Longview

LONGVIEW, Wash. — A possible tornado damaged property and uprooted trees. Crews are trying to repair what the storm left behind. Roofs blew off and some fires set after the severe weather knocked down power lines. People in Washington were told to take cover around 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon. Those sheltered say the noise from … Continue reading »

Funnel Cloud Passes Through Town

HARRISBURG, Ore. — Residents are still talking about the funnel cloud that touched down in Harrisburg on Thursday. People we spoke to say the day started just like any other, but the weather turned bizarre shortly before 5 p.m when the funnel cloud made its presence known. Friends and neighbors who spotted it immediately began … Continue reading »

Funnel Cloud Spotted in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Ore. — A funnel cloud was spotted and photographed in Harrisburg; meanwhile, an EF 1┬átornado touched down in McMinnville. The National Weather Service sent a team from Portland to investigate damage in the area. The funnel cloud in Harrisburg appears to have materialized shortly before 5:00 p.m. There are no reports of damage from … Continue reading »

Web Extra: Rotating Thunderstorm Video

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Yesterday Stormtracker 9 Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton reported on a strange weather formation that many were calling a “Funnel Cloud” or “Gustnado”. Today, KEZI 9 News viewer Carrie Watters sent us a video you see above of the anomaly so we could get a better look at the situation. We’re still investigating … Continue reading »