Gas Prices Hit $4 Again

EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Just when we were celebrating cheaper gas prices, they shot right back up. Drivers are paying four dollars at the pump again this summer. Drivers feel like they can’t catch a break with these constant fluctuating gas prices. At the Arco on Gateway it’s $3.89, but that’s probably the lowest price you’ll … Continue reading »

The Life of a Gas Station Attendant

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Local gas prices jumped 20 cents in the past week, according to AAA. A gallon of regular will cost you an average of $3.90 in Eugene and Springfield. A week ago, we paid about $3.67 a gallon. We know what kind of impact that has on your wallet, but does a price … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Up 12 Cents a Gallon

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again: Gas prices are up. This time it’s up 12 cents in the past week, according to No one is surprised anymore when we come out to stations and tell them the prices have gone up, again. Our highest weekly increase this summer … Continue reading »

Rep. DeFazio Investigates Gas Prices

EUGENE, Ore. — We’re all irritated with the prices, but Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio is using his frustration to spearhead an investigation of sorts into why prices are as high as they are. DeFazio began looking into the spike just before Memorial Day, reaching out to the president and a task force to figure out … Continue reading »

Premium Fillers Feel the Pinch

EUGENE, Ore. — Gas prices continue to be on the rise, and they don’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon. A gas station owner told KEZI Wednesday night there was a reported a 14-cent raise overnight. is predicting a 35-cent jump across the state by Memorial Day weekend. This means the cost of … Continue reading »

Gas Prices May Rise Overnight

SPRINGFIELD,Ore.– If prediction holds true, gas prices may increase upwards of 35 cents before the weekend. The gas website¬†¬†says a refinery issue is to blame. Are drivers hitting the pumps hard on Wednesday night? A few drivers said they had no idea about the sudden spike, but many brought their only gas tanks to fill … Continue reading »

Possible Gas Spike Coming

EUGENE, Ore. — A local business told its truck drivers to fill up Wednesday night because it’s worried about a big spike in gas prices overnight. Some analysts predict prices could jump 35 cents a gallon soon. One gas station on Green Acres Road is selling gas at $4.39, and it’s $4.43 at the Chevron … Continue reading »