AAA Predicts Gas Prices to Sharply Decrease

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon is still the fourth most expensive in the nation when it comes to gas prices, but AAA predicts that gas prices in the Northwest could sink by the end of this month. AAA says now that the West Coast refineries are all in ship shape again, wholesale gas prices are dropping … Continue reading »

Traveling by Car Almost as Expensive as by Plane

EUGENE, Ore. — When gas prices go up for us, they go up for everyone with a fuel tank, including planes, trains, and buses. Numbers show car travel is taking the hardest hit. Usually, opting for wheels instead of wings is a much cheaper route. But with gas prices so high, the difference is not … Continue reading »

Rep. DeFazio Requests Gas Price Inquiry

May 18, 2012 By Kelsey Card SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — While the rest of the country’s gas prices drop off, we’ve seen a spike. One Oregon politician is fed up and says the timing of the price increase is fishy. Congressman Peter DeFazio plans to find out the real reasons for why we keep seeing this … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Spike 19 Cents Over One Week

By Lauren Mickler SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — For a few weeks, gas prices dropped, but there was a dramatic change since last week. They jumped 19 cents since last Monday, and they’re still climbing. But Arco is still in better shape than places like the 76 station on West 11th Avenue.On Monday afternoon, the Arco gas … Continue reading »

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