Consumer Alert: Gas Credit Cards

(CNN) — Consumers may not fly every week, or shop at their favorite clothing store every week. But the odds are pretty good that drivers are filling their car’s tank every week. That may make the idea of a credit card with loyalty rewards from a major gasoline chain seem like a good idea, but … Continue reading »

Possible Fraud Warning for Gas Customers

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — An investigation is underway to figure out how an unauthorized electronic credit card reader was attached to one of the legitimate credit card readers on a gas pump at the U-Save Gas/Union 76 gas station. Grants Pass Police said an employee contacted them Monday, after finding the card reader. They said … Continue reading »

Low Gas Prices Bring Holiday Traffic

EUGENE, Ore. — Not everyone will be traveling by plane this Thanksgiving, AAA predicts the majority of holiday travelers are going by car. Managers say it’s likely because gas prices are so low this year. Locally the average price per gallon is $3.02, the cheapest average in four years. AAA says with prices this low, … Continue reading »

First CNG Station Opens in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — A first of its kind fueling station opened to the public Wednesday, and is hoping to speed up a driving revolution. The compressed natural gas station in Eugene is the first in all of Oregon. Cars that run on compressed natural gas fueled up at Travelcard Commercial Fueling at 65 N Seneca Road for the … Continue reading »

Woman Says Thieves Targeting Gasoline

EUGENE, Ore. — A woman living in the Churchill area has a warning for her neighbors, someone is going around trying to steal gas from their cars. Jenna Smith says at least three times recently someone’s tried to siphon gas from her car. The latest incident was Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. She says … Continue reading »

Local Gas Prices Go Up

EUGENE, Ore. — The summer travel season is in full swing and travelers should carry some extra cash as gas prices have gone up. AAA says the state average went up $0.10 recently. It also says the current average in the Springfield and Eugene area is $3.86 a gallon. That’s up $0.15 from a week … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Rise Slightly

EUGENE, Ore. — Drivers payed more at the pumps Sunday. It was only about a penny more, but it snapped a downward trend. AAA says the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded was $3.62. In the Eugene-Springfield area the average was $3.90 a gallon. And even though it’s below $4 a gallon, drivers … Continue reading »

Gas Prices Increase for Memorial Day

EUGENE, Ore. — Gas prices are on the rise just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Drivers in the Pacific Northwest will likely see the highest gas prices in two years. Nationally, the average cost of a gallon of gas is $3.66, but it’s 30 cents higher in Oregon. In the Eugene-Springfield area it’s about … Continue reading »

Local Gas Prices Jump 25 Cents

EUGENE, Ore. — Gas prices are creeping up across the country, but one website says the Eugene-Springfield area is seeing a more serious spike. In the past week, says we’ve seen a 25-cent increase. Compare that to the national uptick of just six cents. The jump is frustrating for drivers. “Especially working in construction, … Continue reading »

February Gas Prices Increase

EUGENE, Ore. — The average price for gasoline in Eugene rose 5.6 cents per gallon in the past week. According to GasBuddy’s daily survey, the average price per gallon was $3.66 on Sunday. Sunday’s price was 2.9 cents per gallon lower than last year, but 31.4 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. “The … Continue reading »

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