OSU Holds Panel on Sochi Winter Olympics

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The Winter Olympics begin next month in Sochi and they’re shedding light on homosexuality laws in Russia. A panel at Oregon State University is talking to the public Wednesday afternoon about current Russian laws. One panelist, William Husband, says one of the goals of the discussion is to address misconceptions Americans have … Continue reading »

Petition Seeks to Legalize Gay Marriage

EUGENE, Ore. — Supporters of gay marriage lined up in downtown Eugene Friday to sign a petition to put the freedom to marry on the November 2014 ballot. Oregon United for Marriage needs to collect more than 116,000 to put the measure to voters. Gay marriage advocates rallied throughout the state, including Portland and Bend … Continue reading »

Gay Men Hold Mock Blood Drive

EUGENE, Ore. — Gay men are holding a mock blood drive throughout the nation Friday to raise awareness that they are not allowed to donate blood. The Lane Blood Center says it’s interested in more people donating blood, but has to follow federal laws that say any man who’s had sexual contact with another man … Continue reading »

Boy Scouts Rally to Oppose Proposal

EUGENE, Ore. — Active and former Boy Scout members and leaders are protesting in Eugene and across the country. Their message: keep gay people out of the Scouts. Next Thursday Boy Scout leaders will vote on whether or not the group will allow openly gay men to join the organization. On Friday a group rallied … Continue reading »

Marriage Equality Rallies Nationwide

  EUGENE, Ore – Hundreds of people gathered at the old Eugene Federal Building Tuesday evening to support marriage equality, and to make their stance known to the supreme court as they look over proposition eight and DOMA this week.Groups are rallying for the ‘Freedom to Marry’ in Eugene, across the country, and online. They started … Continue reading »

Magazine Ranks Eugene 7th Gayest US City

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene is the 7th gayest city in America, according to the magazine, The Advocate. Each year, the magazine bases its survey on a different ranking system. This year, it evaluated cities based on nine diverse criteria, including the number of LGBT elected leaders, fabulous shopping and roller derby leagues. Eugene earned all … Continue reading »