Interview: Maude Kerns Art Gifts

EUGENE, Ore. — This holiday season, consider buying local art for gifts. You can get pottery, sculptures, fiber art and paintings. Maude Kerns Art Center has art for all seasons. Michael Fisher with Maude Kerns joined us live in the studio for KEZI 9 News This Morning to tell us more about how you can … Continue reading »

Interview: MECCA Homemade Gifts

EUGENE, Ore. — If you don’t want to buy your gifts this year, you can make them. The Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts is the perfect place to get inspiration. With recycled material and patterns to follow at MECCA it’s easy for anyone, even kids, to create something special. Maiya Becker, Board President of … Continue reading »

Local Vendors Sell Holiday Gifts

EUGENE, Ore. — If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts, how about buying something local and supporting local businesses? Aurora Glass makes products that you can pair with other local goodies. For example, how about a glass wave bowl filled with Cosmos Caramel Corn or a sun catcher filled with Glorybee honey? “All the glass … Continue reading »

Recycled Materials Make New Gifts

EUGENE, Ore. — There’s a new spin on regifting–transforming recycled items into innovative gifts. Adults and kids are getting creative at M.E.C.C.A., the Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts. For some, the materials there are trash. For others, it’s treasure. You’ll find it all organized. “In this year alone we have helped to divert 26,000 … Continue reading »