Gillette Sentenced to Life in Prison

EUGENE, Ore. — The man convicted of murdering his father and father’s partner has been sentenced to life in prison with no parole. This comes after the prosecution and defense struck a deal Friday. A jury found Johan Gillette guilty on two counts of aggravated murder last week for killing his father and his father’s … Continue reading »

Jury Finds Gillette Guilty of Murder

EUGENE, Ore. — A jury in the Johan Gillette double murder trial found Johan Gillette guilty of two counts of aggravated murder, one count of intentional murder, and one count of first degree animal abuse Wednesday afternoon. The trial lasted a month, and the jury only deliberated a day before making its decision. Johan was … Continue reading »

Jury Deliberates Gillette’s Fate

EUGENE, Ore. — The jury is now deliberating the fate of Johan Gillette, after both sides presented closing arguments Tuesday. Johan is charged with killing his dad, James, and dad’s partner, former UO School of Music Dean Anne McLucas in 2012. Prosecutors say Johan beat them with a wrench and tried to cover up the … Continue reading »

Gillette Closing Arguments Postponed

EUGENE, Ore. — Closing arguments have been postponed to Tuesday in the Johan Gillette double murder trial. Lawyers from both sides are still arguing over instructions that are to be given to the jury before they’re given the case. Johan’s accused of killing his father and his dad, James Gillette, and his dad’s domestic partner, … Continue reading »

State Rests Rebuttal in Gillette Case

EUGENE, Ore. — The state rested its rebuttal Wednesday in the Johan Gillette double murder trial. Closing arguments in the case are now set for Friday. Three witnesses were called back to the stand in the state’s rebuttal, including Oregon State Forensic Scientist Traci Rose and Deputy State Medical Examiner Daniel Davis. The prosecution questioned … Continue reading »

Defense Rests Case in Gillette Trial

EUGENE, Ore. — The defense has rested its case in the Johan Gillette double murder trial. On Tuesday, former co-workers of James Gillette, who worked as a Eugene firefighter, took the stand along with an ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife. The first of the last witnesses called to the stand were former colleagues of James Gillette. … Continue reading »

Murder Suspect’s Brother Testifies

EUGENE, Ore. — The brother of the Eugene man charged with killing his father and his father’s partner took the stand for the defense Thursday. James Gillette was the big witness as the defense for Johan Gillette began its case Thursday. Johan’s Gillette’s brother James testified on his father’s explosive and violent behavior. He recalled … Continue reading »

Jury Learns More About Cause of Death

EUGENE, Ore. — It was a new day of testimony in the double murder trial of Johan Gillette, the Eugene man charged with killing his father and his dad’s partner. On the stand Tuesday, a forensic scientist who examined blood spatter found at the crime scene. Oregon State Police forensic scientist Traci Rose testified on … Continue reading »

Johan Gillette Murder Trial Continues

EUGENE, Ore. — Tuesday was day four of the double murder trial of Johan Gillette. Gillette is the Eugene man accused of killing his father and his father’s girlfriend, retired University of Oregon professor Anne McLucas. The jury was presented photos of Gillette and other physical evidence on the day of the murders. The prosecution … Continue reading »

Gillette’s Girlfriend Testifies in Court

EUGENE, Ore. — Was it a cold-blooded double-murder, or a son saving himself and others from his violent father? That was the question raised on the third day of the Johan Gillette trial. Gillette’s girlfriend took the stand for a second day. Asia Seaton has been declared a hostile witness after her heated testimony Thursday. … Continue reading »

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