Bookstore to Offer Same-Day Delivery

(CNN) — Google and Barnes & Noble want you to have the books you ordered right now. Bookstore chain Barnes & Noble has teamed up with Google to offer customers same-day deliver. Rival retailer Amazon offers a similar delivery service. Right now, same-day delivery is only offered in Manhattan, West Los Angeles and the San … Continue reading »

Google Glass to Save Companies Millions?

(CNN) — Smartglasses might seem like a novelty right now, but the wearable gadgets could soon help companies boost their bottom lines. Research firm Gartner forecasts that Google Glass and other “smartglasses” could ultimately add more than a billion dollars a year to company profits, starting in 2017. The firm says smartglasses will help make … Continue reading »

Google Interns Make Big Bucks

(CNN) — An internship at Google has always been a coveted spot intellectually, but it’s worth a lot financially too. According to job rating website Glass Door, interns there earn $5,800 a month, on average with some making as much as $6,700. Long before the new movie “The Internship” glorified it, students were scrambling over … Continue reading »

House Passes Cyber Security Bill

A controversial cyber security bill passed by the U.S. House Thursday, now rests in the hands of the Senate. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, CISPA, would allow voluntary information sharing between private companies and the government in the event of a cyber attack. If, for example, the government detects a cyber attack that … Continue reading »