DeFazio Talks About Shutdown

EUGENE, Ore. — Rep. Peter DeFazio is in Eugene for the weekend, and he’s looking ahead now that the government shutdown is over. DeFazio says it’s been a long political stalemate in Washington. But now that the shutdown is over, he’s hoping both sides will be able to hammer out a long-term budget instead of … Continue reading »

Furloughed Workers Getting Paid Double

EUGENE, Ore. — Thirteen-hundred federal employees in Oregon, furloughed during the government shutdown, will not have to pay back state unemployment benefits. The Oregon Department of Labor says there are 27,000 federal employees in the state of Oregon. Forty-four hundred filed for unemployment, but only 1,300 received one week of benefits, costing the state $680,000. … Continue reading »

Local Residents React to Govt. Reopening

EUGENE, Ore. — After 16 days furloughed, federal employees are back to work and national parks are back open. But even though local residents are happy the government’s reopened, many say they’re really unhappy that the government closed its doors more than two weeks ago. As government employees get back to work, it meant an … Continue reading »

Deal Ends Partial Govt. Shutdown

WASHINGTON — After 16 days, lawmakers finally came together on a deal to end the partial government shutdown. The move averts a potential default. President Obama signed the bill immediately. He says the U.S. will reopen the government right away. The bill calls for opening the government through Jan. 15 and extending the nation’s borrowing … Continue reading »

Local Breweries Impacted by Shutdown

EUGENE, Ore. — Local breweries are feeling the impact of the government shutdown. The Viking Braggot Company in Eugene says it’s trying to bottle its beer and start selling products in stores. Co-owner, Daniel McTavish, says the government shutdown is putting a hold on this process. Before the company can start bottling, McTavish says they … Continue reading »

Military Death Benefits Bill Passes

(CNN) — The Senate unanimously approved legislation Thursday to restore death benefits to military families. Benefits were cut almost two weeks ago due to the government shutdown. The bill was approved by the House on Wednesday and is one in a series of House Republican bills passed to reopen parts of the government. Senate Democrats … Continue reading »

Veteran Protests Govt. Shutdown

CORVALLIS, Ore. – It’s week two of the government shutdown, and veterans are wondering if their monthly pensions will be delayed. One veteran spent Wednesday morning in front of the Benton County Courthouse, urging the public to take action by contacting legislators to reach an agreement regarding the nation’s budget. Donald Poole, an Air Force … Continue reading »

NWCCU Helps Furloughed Workers

EUGENE, Ore. — A local community credit union is reaching out to help those who have been forced on furlough. As many count the days into a governments shutdown, others are counting another day they aren’t getting paid. Northwest Community Credit Union says it’s been approached by about half a dozen members who are furloughed … Continue reading »

FAA Recalling 800 Furloughed Workers

(CNN) — The Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday it is recalling 600 furloughed employees. More than 15,000 FAA workers were put off the job last week because of the partial government shutdown. The agency issued a statement saying the workers are from the Office of Aviation Safety. They will “provide oversight in areas across the … Continue reading »

Dealing with Stress Over the Shutdown

(CNN) — National parks are closed, federal agencies aren’t open, and what’s worse, thousands of people are not getting paychecks. With everything else that’s going on in this world, we are a stressed nation. And that’s not good for our health. “It can cause physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, loss of appetite, sleep … Continue reading »

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