Cars, Homes Tagged with Racial Graffiti

EUGENE, Ore. — More than a dozen people woke up to find their cars and homes tagged with racial graffiti Wednesday morning in Eugene. Police say it happened overnight in the Barger area in the neighborhoods of Hilton and Nebraska southeast of Royal and Beltline. Police say this is one of the least graphic photos. … Continue reading »

Springfield Neighbors Clean Up Graffiti

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Graffiti is a problem that plagues all communities, and on Tuesday Springfield citizens chose to fight back. The community and neighbors who live along the EWEB between Pioneer Parkway and Second Street took part in a graffiti clean-up event. Teams painted tagged fences and other structures. They also cleaned up the rights-of-ways. … Continue reading »

City Prepares to Take Down Graffiti

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The city of Springfield is preparing for a graffiti cleanup Tuesday on the EWEB Bike Path. Two neighbors who live near the path are not only fed up with the graffiti but say this is a growing problem in the city of Springfield. “This is our home, and our home doesn’t look … Continue reading »

Bias Crimes Increase in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police say the number of bias crimes related to sexual orientation or identity and religion so far this year already exceeds the total number from last year. Between January and June there were seven reported crimes related to sexual orientation or identity and six related to religion. EPD says the majority … Continue reading »

Group Fights Vandalism

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — A group on Craigslist is taking a stand against graffiti in Lane County. We show you how the group wants to get the community involved in its mission. Those fighting the graffiti say it’s spreading fast and needs to stop. There is an argument though that it has a place in … Continue reading »

Groups Combating Youth Gang Violence

EUGENE, Ore. — Local organizations are coming together to address the issue of youth gangs in the area. They’re holding a symposium to educate and speak with the public. The symposium will be held just after the new year, so organizers are working to get the word out in order get the community in on … Continue reading »

Stop Sign Reads “Hammer Time”

EUGENE, Ore. — Someone is playing tricks on drivers downtown. M.C. Hammer might be proud, but the city of Eugene is not. If you frequent downtown, you might have noticed a stop sign on Broadway and Olive Street that reads “Hammer Time” below it. What may have been a witty act for one is actually … Continue reading »

Vandals Tag Fern Ridge Bike Trail

EUGENE, Ore. — The newly constructed bike trail at Garfield and Fern Ridge Bike Trail in west Eugene has already been defaced. While some say graffiti art is an act of self expression, neighbors are not impressed. “I’m an artist. Yes, it’s an expression. I’m always real curious what I’m going to see, but it’s … Continue reading »

Local Graffiti Suspects Arrested

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County sheriff’s deputies arrested four people for graffiti vandalism in Veneta, and they could be linked to dozens of similar cases in Eugene. Eugene police suspect a “tag crew” is responsible for the vandalism. They say graffiti artists looking to promote themselves. Detectives say as we approach the summer months, we … Continue reading »

Bethel Neighbors Frustrated by Graffiti

By Nha Nguyen EUGENE, Ore. — Bethel neighbors say vandals are targeting area businesses. A recent rash of graffiti vandalism along West 11th and Bertelson has nearby residents and businesses a bit concerned. One of the victims was Bella Stone on West 11th. Taggers hit granite slabs twice in the past few weeks. Owners say … Continue reading »

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