Heating Bills on the Rise

EUGENE, Ore. — Lower temperatures in the Willamette Valley mean higher heating bills. Wednesday marks the tenth day it’s been freezing overnight. Emerald People’s Utility District says the average monthly consumption during winter, for an all-electric house, is about 18,000 kilowatt hours. That comes out to about $225 per month. On Monday, Eugene saw overnight … Continue reading »

4J School District Prepares for the Heat

EUGENE, Ore. — Tuesday marks the first day of school for the 4J School District. While teachers prepare lesson plans and get their classrooms ready, they’re also getting ready for the heat. With temperatures expected in the low 90s Tuesday and no air conditioning in all of the 4J schools, it could get pretty hot … Continue reading »

Working in the Heat

EUGENE, Ore. – With the sizzling temperatures, construction workers were finding ways to stay safe, Monday. Working in the hot summer sun can make construction workers more susceptible to heat exhaustion. Contracting companies and workers say they’ve had meetings for safety protocol. Workers say they try to stay hydrated and look out for signs of … Continue reading »

Vets Warn about Pet Safety in Heat Wave

EUGENE, Ore. — Heat’s not just dangerous just for people, but for animals as well. Veterinarians say leaving them in cars while running errands is extremely unsafe. Vets say a pet’s body temperature can rise rapidly to levels that can kill them. With temperatures in the 90′s, it isn’t a rare sight to see people playing … Continue reading »

The Cost of Heating Your Home

EUGENE, Ore. — This cold weather stretch is also costing us money. The Emerald People’s Utility District says for a 1,600 square foot home with a heat pump, it will cost you 63 cents an hour to maintain your home at 65 degrees when it’s 28 degrees outside. When it’s 34 degrees outside, that drops … Continue reading »

LRAPA Issues Home Wood Heat Advisory

EUGENE, Ore. — As the cold weather continues in the Willamette Valley, adding more wood to your fireplace or heater might not be the best idea. That’s because the valley is under a yellow home wood heat advisory and has been since this weekend. Smoke is a common sight billowing out of chimneys as residents … Continue reading »

Calculating Home Heating Costs

EUGENE, Ore. — With freezing temps in Western Oregon this week, how much does it cost to keep homes warm? The Emerald People’s Utility District (EPUD) says for every two-degree drop outside, your heating system–electric, natural gas or wood stove–is working 6 percent harder to maintain heat. How energy efficient your home is will impact … Continue reading »

Sticking With The Summertime Sizzle

Justin’s Wednesday Night Forecast Discussion: Toasty today with Eugene and Roseburg in the upper 80s and Corvallis at 90 degrees! With the jet stream pointed up into British Columbia, I’m expecting more of the same for the rest of the work week (and school week.) Overnight tonight, expect clear skies and another nice, mild start … Continue reading »

Last Hot Day Tomorrow

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton’s  Thursday Forecast Discussion Some hot spots out there today as Corvallis hit 99, Portland (PDX) hit 100 and Roseburg at 97. Folks in Eugene saw 94 but it was smoky with the Buckhead fire billowing smoke into the Southern Valley, keeping out temps a bit cooler. Because of the heat, the … Continue reading »

Heat Doesn’t Stop OSU Football Practice

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Mother Nature didn’t give the OSU football players a break on Thursday, with temperatures around 90 degrees during practice and it being even hotter down on the turf field, hydration was key. “It’s pretty hot, I mean the turf definitely bumps it up a few degrees but you know I just try … Continue reading »

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