Bug Killing Azaleas and Rhododendrons

EUGENE, Ore. — A warning for those who own azaleas and rhododendrons. If your plants are looking a little under the weather, a new pest might be to blame. Experts say the azalea lace bug is relatively new to the Northwest. But at Hendricks Park in Eugene, they’ve been in the area long enough to … Continue reading »

ODFW Suspends Trapping at Eugene Park

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has suspended its trapping from the Hendricks Park area, after not hearing of any new cougar sightings. ODFW trapped and killed two cougars over the last two weeks, following the reports of the cats attacking livestock near the park. A trail camera discovered a third … Continue reading »

Second Cougar Killed, Trap Set for Third

EUGENE, Ore. — Another cougar has been trapped and killed near a popular Eugene park and workers at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife are urging people to use caution because another one may still be near there. Last week ODFW trapped and fatally shot a cougar that was killing goats and chickens near … Continue reading »

2nd Cougar Trapped, Euthanized in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — For the second time in about a week, wildlife experts trapped a cougar near Hendricks Park. They think there could be more lurking. The trappings came after a cougar killed several goats and chickens. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says both of the large cats were euthanized. Wildlife experts discovered … Continue reading »

Eugene Park Paving Projects Begin

EUGENE, Ore. — Two of Eugene’s most popular parks are going to be a little more accessible at the end of the month. With as much traffic as Skinner Butte Park gets, it’s no wonder these roads are ready for a face lift. “The challenge with these roads are just their age. They’ve been here … Continue reading »

Eugene Park Road Repairs Begin

EUGENE, Ore. — Road repairs to two of Eugene’s parks begin this week. Crews will repair roads in Hendricks Park and Skinner Butte Park during the month of June. In Hendricks Park, crews will concentrate on Fairmount Boulevard from Floral Hill Drive to the west park entrance. In Skinner Butte Park, they will work on … Continue reading »

Volunteers Clean Up Hendricks Park

EUGENE, Ore. — Volunteers cared for Hendricks Park Monday morning. The efforts there were part of the president’s nationwide initiative to serve the community. Volunteers helped clean and maintain trails and remove invasive species. Project coordinators say events like this help keep Eugene green and beautiful. “There are these opportunities and there are these things … Continue reading »