Folks Take Advantage of Holiday Weekend

EUGENE, Ore. — Last year, Christmas was on a Sunday. But this year, it falls on a Tuesday, which gave people a full weekend to get their Christmas errands accomplished before the big holiday rolled around. The malls and other shops in town have been filled with shoppers taking advantage of the extra time. Last-minute … Continue reading »

Folks Shop at Holiday Market’s Last Days

EUGENE, Ore. — On Sunday in Eugene, people weren’t just counting down the days until Christmas. Down at the Lane County Fairgrounds, they were also taking note of the last days of the Annual Holiday Market. From mini-bows to mini-clothes, from bath salts with lime to spoons turned to chimes, down at the Holiday Market, … Continue reading »

Local Vendors Sell Holiday Gifts

EUGENE, Ore. — If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts, how about buying something local and supporting local businesses? Aurora Glass makes products that you can pair with other local goodies. For example, how about a glass wave bowl filled with Cosmos Caramel Corn or a sun catcher filled with Glorybee honey? “All the glass … Continue reading »

Get Crafty with Holiday Gifts

EUGENE, Ore. — A lot of us are in a tight spot when it comes to spending this holiday season, so why not make gifts instead of just buying them? Staffers at the Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts (M.E.C.C.A.) suggest having a craft party to create things like bottle cap earrings, bulletin boards out … Continue reading »