Baby Dies After Being Left in Car

PORTLAND, Ore. — A 6-month-old baby died after police say the child was left in a car for six hours. The police and fire department responded to the Intel campus around 5 p.m. The child’s father, who works at Intel, made the call. Fire officials say the baby was in cardiac arrest. Responders performed CPR … Continue reading »

Parents Arrested for Leaving Kids in Car

EUGENE, Ore. — Police say two parents were arrested for leaving their two children in a hot car. The Eugene Police Department says it got multiple calls around 6:30 p.m. Saturday, saying someone had left two kids in a car near the Washington-Jefferson Skate Park. Police say the car was parked in direct sunlight for … Continue reading »

Children Left in Hot Car in Texas

KATY, Texas (CNN) — Shoppers in a strip center parking lot took matters into their own hands, after noticing two small children in a hot jeep. “It was a crazy situation,” said witness Gabriel Del Valle. Del Valle says he stepped out of his nearby shop after hearing the sound of children crying out in … Continue reading »

5 Kids Found in Hot Car

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia police are questioning a woman after five children were found inside a vehicle in the Port Richmond area on Tuesday. According to authorities, the children were left locked inside an SUV while the woman, who runs an in-home daycare, shopped. Police pried open the driver’s side door of the vehicle and got … Continue reading »