Temps Can Quickly Soar in Cars

EUGENE, Ore. — Our recent run of hot weather isn’t without its dangers. As of Tuesday night, Eugene police say three people called 9-1-1, saying there were pets left in hot cars. The calls were all within 30 minutes of each other. EPD wants to remind drivers that temperatures can often soar inside of a … Continue reading »

High Temps Lead to Long Wait List

MEDFORD, Ore. – In the past week, outdoor temperatures have climbed past 100 degrees, and calls for air conditioning repair have climbed past 200. The number of calls has crews working overtime, and customers in a waiting line. Triple-digit temperatures combined with only half of her A.C. units working has led to 80-degree temperatures inside … Continue reading »

Keeping Kids Cool in the Heat

EUGENE, Ore. — The heat is on around Lane County. And while it can mean fun in the sun, warnings are going out to keep kids safe. Doctors want parents to know about the dangers. Coaches, Scout leaders, and parents we talked to say they are taking extra steps and planning ahead to keep kids … Continue reading »

How to Protect Car, Home in Hot Weather

MEDFORD, Ore. –  With temperatures pushing triple digits this week, technicians have tips to get your car and home ready for the hot weather. When the temperatures heat up, most people automatically think about adjusting the thermostat or blasting the air conditioning in their car, which technicians say might not be the best idea when hot weather … Continue reading »

Hottest Day of the Year

EUGENE, Ore. — The sunshine was a bit filtered, but that didn’t stop the temperatures from surging to the warmest they’ve been this year. The week started off sunny and has only became warmer. The sun was out and shining, and it wasn’t alone. The Alton Baker Dog Park just across from Autzen Stadium was … Continue reading »