Ericsson Sues Apple Over Patents

(CNN) — Networking giant Ericsson is trying to stop Apple from importing iPhones and iPads to the U.S. The move is part of a patent dispute between the two companies. Ericsson says Apple stopped paying fees to use Ericsson patents on Apple phones. Apple insists Ericsson is charging too much for the patent fees. Ericsson … Continue reading »

Teachers Call iPad Program a Success

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Students in Corvallis are turning in their iPads, and teachers say the first year of the program has been a success. All students at Cheldelin, Linus Pauling, and Mountain View were all issued iPads this year. Teachers say it gives kids a hands-on opportunity to learn how to use the technology, especially … Continue reading »

Students Explore Digital Learning

EUGENE, Ore. — Wednesday is National Digital Learning Day, and Eugene students are inviting the public to see how they’re integrating technology in the classroom. At Holt Elementary School, hearing impaired second graders created their own e-book for the iPad. It’s just one of the ways students will shine a spotlight on technology in the … Continue reading »

Middle Schoolers Receive iPads

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The One to World initiative has kicked off this school year, a project the school district has taken on to supply every student with an iPad within the next few years. Students at Linus Pauling Middle School received their iPads last week, and they say they couldn’t be more excited. Three schools … Continue reading »

Parents Meet With Schools About iPads

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Parents met with teachers and administrators at middle schools Thursday evening about their students receiving iPads this school year. The district says the rollout will happen at the end of this month, when each middle schooler will be able to not only use the iPads in the classroom, but also take them … Continue reading »

iPad Initiative in Corvallis Schools

CORVALLIS, Ore. — It is a big year for three schools in the Corvallis School District, where every single student will have access to his or her own iPad. It’s out with the old technology, and in with the new as the Corvallis School District makes plans to move forward with technology. Linus Pauling Middle … Continue reading »

Workers in Eugene Bust Burglars in Utah

EUGENE, Ore. — Two determined workers in Eugene help stop a burglary ring. The unusual pursuit started Wednesday and spanned more than 700 miles. Gina Davis and Scott Bible work at Industrial Finishes in Eugene. They say one of their co-workers is in the Salt Lake City area. Someone broke into his house Wednesday and … Continue reading »