Audit Says Funds Used Appropriately

EUGENE, Ore. — An external audit of Lane County’s safety levy says the funds are being used as promised. The levy was passed back in 2013. The money raised has since gone to maintain at least 255 local jail beds and 16 detention and treatment beds for youth services. The levy hasn’t fixed all of … Continue reading »

Grants Pass Will End Jail Bed Rentals

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Since last summer, up to 30 jail beds for those arrested just in the city limits of Grants Pass have been reserved at the Josephine County Jail. Now, as officials prepare for next year’s budget, they said that funding won’t return. Last August, the days of cite and release ended in … Continue reading »

LCSO May Add Even More Jail Beds

EUGENE, Ore. – Just a week after more than doubling the number of beds in the jail, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office says even more beds may be on the way. Deputies say preliminary discussions are underway to add even more jail beds. As for the number, there’s nothing set it stone. The beds would … Continue reading »

Lane County Jail Doubles its Beds

EUGENE, Ore. — There were fewer criminals on the streets of Lane County Tuesday because the number of available jail beds in the county doubled. The Lane County Jail reopened 96 more beds on the heels of reopening 35 a week ago. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says the extra beds are already filling up. … Continue reading »

More Jail Beds Reopening Soon

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane County Sheriff’s Office levy was passed and work is now being done to hire staff and prepare for more jail beds. The Sheriff’s Office says the staffing and increase in jail beds will come in two phases, ending with the reopening of 131 more jail beds by July 8. To … Continue reading »

Commissioner Reacts to Public Safety

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County Commissioner Sid Leiken is speaking out about the 35 more jail bed cuts that ended with two inmates re-arrested within hours. He says many options are on the table when it comes to pinpointing long-term and short-term funding for Lane County’s public safety including a tax option, but he wants … Continue reading »

35 Jail Beds Cut

EUGENE, Ore. — A lot of happiness was coming from the inmates. Some saw their sentences reduced drastically. Meanwhile, those working in the jail are growing more frustrated by the day. The jail doors opened Thursday morning and out walked a large group of inmates. All beaming because their time behind bars was cut short. … Continue reading »

More Inmates to Be Released

EUGENE, Ore. — More Lane County inmates will walk out the jail Thursday morning because of budget cuts. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is closing 35 more beds. The U.S. Marshals Office stopped renting as many beds, which resulted in a loss of revenue and is the reason for these new cuts. But we won’t … Continue reading »

More Jail Beds Cut

EUGENE, Ore. — More problems for the Lane County Sheriff’s Office as it announced it will cut 35 more jail beds. So with all the problems, why was there no measure brought to voters to help fund the jail? The sheriff’s office says the track record for voters passing issues in Lane County hasn’t been … Continue reading »

Lane County Plans to Cut More Jail Beds

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County’s Sheriff says he plans to cut more jail beds. Sheriff Tom Turner made the announcement this Wednesday morning. He says U.S. marshals are renting fewer beds in the Lane County Jail, which means a revenue loss of about $750,000 a year. The cuts would drop jail capacity down to 135 … Continue reading »

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