Sentencing to Begin in Gillette Trial

EUGENE, Ore. — Sentencing in the Johan Gillette double murder trial begins next week, after the jury found him guilty on two counts of aggravated murder. According to Oregon law, in every aggravated murder trial, the death penalty is an option and the jury could choose that as Johan Gillette’s sentence. But he could also … Continue reading »

Gillette Testifies in Court

EUGENE, Ore. — Johan Gillette took the stand Friday in his double murder trial, as the defense tried to prove he acted in self-defense. Johan is charged with murdering his dad James Gillette and his father’s partner, former U of O School of Music Dean Anne McLucas. Johan Gillette says what happened on Sept. 7, … Continue reading »

Murder Suspect’s Brother Testifies

EUGENE, Ore. — The brother of the Eugene man charged with killing his father and his father’s partner took the stand for the defense Thursday. James Gillette was the big witness as the defense for Johan Gillette began its case Thursday. Johan’s Gillette’s brother James testified on his father’s explosive and violent behavior. He recalled … Continue reading »

Prosecution Rests in Double Murder Trial

EUGENE, Ore. — The prosecution has rested in the Johan Gillette double murder trial after wrapping up its final day of questioning Wednesday. The defense will begin presenting its case Thursday and why they say Gillette was acting in self defense. The defense cross examined Deputy State Medical Examiner Daniel Davis. They questioned him on … Continue reading »

Jury Learns More About Cause of Death

EUGENE, Ore. — It was a new day of testimony in the double murder trial of Johan Gillette, the Eugene man charged with killing his father and his dad’s partner. On the stand Tuesday, a forensic scientist who examined blood spatter found at the crime scene. Oregon State Police forensic scientist Traci Rose testified on … Continue reading »

Arguments Continue in Gillette Case

EUGENE, Ore. — Friday was a day of arguments between the defense and prosecution in the Johan Gillette double murder trial. Johan is charged with the murders of his father, James, and his father’s partner, Anne McLucas. The defense says it has witnesses that could prove Johan acted in self-defense against a dangerous and explosive … Continue reading »

Judge Denies Mistrial Request

EUGENE, Ore. — A request for a mistrial from the defense in the Johan Gillette double murder trial was shot down Thursday, after a debate about a forensics report that wasn’t released to either party. This controversy started Wednesday when Deputy District Attorney Stephen Morgan discovered he didn’t have a copy of a report from … Continue reading »

Johan Gillette Murder Trial Continues

EUGENE, Ore. — Tuesday was day four of the double murder trial of Johan Gillette. Gillette is the Eugene man accused of killing his father and his father’s girlfriend, retired University of Oregon professor Anne McLucas. The jury was presented photos of Gillette and other physical evidence on the day of the murders. The prosecution … Continue reading »