Police Chief Back to Work

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Junction City’s police chief is returning to work Monday, after six months off the job. The city placed Chief Mark Chase on non-disciplinary paid leave over the summer as it investigated employee complaints. His return isn’t sitting well with some. The police union says two officers are planning to resign from … Continue reading »

Junction Police Chief Heads Back to Work

Junction City, Ore. – The Junction City police chief is going back to work six months after he was put on paid administrative leave because of serious complaints against him. Chief Mark Chase has been on non-disciplinary, paid leave since July. The city administrator says the leave was meant to protect the integrity of the … Continue reading »

Police Chief Still on Paid Leave

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Questions and concerns from Junction City residents surrounding the Junction City Police Chief Mark Chase, who city administrator, Melissa Bowers, says is on non-disciplinary, paid administrative leave. “Why they’re not telling us, that concerns me the most,” said resident Tonya Buendia. “I’m concerned about him being gone for so long and … Continue reading »

Train Hits Truck, Passengers Not Hurt

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — A couple bailed out of their truck right before a train hit it and dragged it four blocks through Junction City. If drivers try to cross the train tracks on that block in Junction City, they can either do it up at 10th or down at 6th, but Monday night a … Continue reading »