Heated Debate Over Kesey Square Curfew

EUGENE, Ore. — The debate over the potential closure of Kesey Square was heated at times at Monday night’s public hearing. The closure as currently constructed would be from 11 p-m to 6 a-m. It would make it illegal to hang out in Kesey. Councilor Mike Clark argued Kesey should be classified as a park. … Continue reading »

Heated Debate Over Kesey Square Ban

EUGENE, Ore. — Kesey Square may soon be off limits for part of the night. The City of Eugene is considering an overnight ban that would restrict people from the popular hangout spot and the community is speaking up about it. Public comment was heated at the public hearing Tuesday night. Some local business owners … Continue reading »

City Club Discusses Kesey Square Issues

EUGENE, Ore. — What to do about Kesey Square was the topic of discussion Friday at a forum organized by the City Club of Eugene. The panel was made up of local business owners who work near the square and local mental health professionals.¬†All four men brought up different points about the area in the … Continue reading »

Practice for “Thriller” Dance Downtown

EUGENE, Ore. — Halloween is still two months away but a group is already practicing for a zombie-themed dance. “Thrill the World Eugene” had practice on Sunday afternoon for the second annual “Thriller” dance in downtown Eugene. Groups do this all over the world on one day and it’s just for fun and free. Practices … Continue reading »

New Businesses Opening Downtown

EUGENE, Ore. — If you’ve walked around downtown lately, you’ve probably noticed that there are some new places where you can grab lunch or catch a movie. The Kesey Square area is becoming home to a number of new businesses that are set to open in the coming weeks. All of them are working together … Continue reading »

New Bar, Coffee Shop Opens in Downtown

EUGENE, Ore. — A new downtown business is serving up an interesting pairing. The Barn Light, just across from Kesey Square in downtown Eugene, has mixed coffee and alcohol for about a week now. Folks don’t have to necessarily get them together, though the option is available any time of the day. The owners came … Continue reading »