Algae Watch at Fern Ridge

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — If swimmers head out to Fern Ridge Reservoir, they might notice some caution signs for toxic algae — but the county says it is still safe to swim. Lane County Parks say the signs are just warnings and that there is no health advisory. The county says it is perfectly safe … Continue reading »

Plane Lands in Lake, Passengers Safe

LEBANON, Ore. – Four airplane passengers, including two children, are safe after their plane crash-landed in Marion Lake Sunday morning. The 28-year-old pilot from Lebanon, Trevor Schultz, says he and three family friends were going on a leisurely Sunday ride to scope out good camping areas around the Willamette National Forest by Mount Jefferson. Schultz, … Continue reading »

Low Water Levels Hurt Boating Industry

VENETA, Ore. — With the warmer temperatures you might expect everyone to be out on the lake. But with 14 and a half inches below average rainfall, boaters are nowhere in sight. While Oregonians have enjoyed the warm dry spring that’s not the case at Fern Ridge Reservoir. It’s where a dry spring means a … Continue reading »