HIV Alliance Hosts LGBTQ Health Fair

EUGENE, Ore. — A local non-profit is reaching out to gay men in the community with the hopes of teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle and reduce the spread of HIV. The HIV Alliance hosted an event Saturday at the Atrium Building in downtown Eugene. Several local doctors and educators were there as … Continue reading »

PeaceHealth Labs Helping Track Flu

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Influenza–including this season’s most common strain, H1N1–can be difficult for doctors to diagnose, but a Peacehealth lab is making it easier for physicians in Lane County. Peacehealth Laboratories in Springfield does most of the flu tests within Lane County, but it serves a wider area. “We’re able to not only provide high-quality, … Continue reading »

Protecting Yourself from the Flu

EUGENE, Ore. — Flu season is coming on strong, and local health officials say everyone should take extra precautions to stay safe. According to Lane County Public Health, only about 30 percent of residents are vaccinated, which they say is troubling. The flu is contagious, so if you or your child is coughing, that should … Continue reading »

Flu Cases on the Rise

EUGENE, Ore. — Doctors offices across the Eugene-Springfield area area seeing an increase in patients with flu symptoms. Across the state 81 people were hospitalized with the flu last week and already two people in Oregon have passed away from the H1N1 strain of the flu virus, including 5-year-old Eugene boy Ronan Burgess. Lane County … Continue reading »

Eugene Boy Dies from Flu

EUGENE, Ore. — Doctors confirmed a five year old boy died from the H1N1 virus. Calandra Burgess says she took her son, Ronan, to his pediatrician when he had a 104.7 degree fever and a barking seal-like cough. The doctor thought Ronan had a bad case of the croup. Ronan didn’t get better and Burgess … Continue reading »

County Public Health Manager Retires

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County’s public health manager will retire Tuesday after nearly 40 years of service. Lane County Public Health Manager Karen Gillette says she was interested in public health because it connects the community. That interest turned into nearly four decades of commitment as she worked her way up through the years. “I … Continue reading »

National Health Awareness Week

EUGENE, Ore. — It was 50 years ago that President John F. Kennedy signed an act that created the Community Mental Health System. Lane County Public Health is celebrating by taking part in National Mental Health Awareness Week. It’s launching mental health first aid classes to help educate the community. “Mental health first aid gives … Continue reading »

Suicide Prevention Workshop

EUGENE, Ore. – In the United States, someone commits suicide every 17 minutes. In Oregon, the suicide rate is nearly one and a half times higher than the national average. This weekend, Lane County Public Health‘s prevention program is holding a workshop to try to reduce those numbers. Saturday’s workshop at the Eugene Public Library … Continue reading »

Lane County Man Contracts West Nile

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — It’s late in the year, but Lane County has just confirmed its first case of West Nile Virus. The patient is hospitalized at Sacred Heart RiverBend with a brain infection, which is a very rare case that afflicts less than one percent of infected people. Lane County Public Health says he may … Continue reading »

Exclusive: Sr. Health Officer On SLEEPS

EUGENE, Ore. — On Wednesday, the Lane County Board of Commissioners voted 4 to 1 to close down the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza and the nearby “Butterfly” parking lot in response to growing concerns about public health and safety. The board of commissioners asked Lane County’s Senior Public Health Officer, Dr. Patrick Luedtke, for … Continue reading »

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