Greenhill Humane Complaints Mount

EUGENE, Ore. — People upset with the Greenhill Humane Society-Lane County Animal Services merger packed Monday night’s city council meeting. They say volunteers who work at the First Avenue Animal Shelter, formerly LCAS, get to work in the morning and find the dogs haven’t been let out all night. It’s another in a long list … Continue reading »

Greenhill Humane Responds to Allegations

EUGENE, Ore. — A local animal advocacy group says Greenhill Humane Society isn’t doing right by its wards. Wednesday night, we spoke with No Kill Lane County regarding its members concerns about the shelter’s policies and procedures. The staff at the Greenhill Humane Society said they’re very aware of the allegations made against them by … Continue reading »

Animal Shelter Raises Concerns

EUGENE, Ore. — Management of 1st Avenue Shelter recently shifted from Lane County Animal Services to the Greenhill Humane Society, and that transition has raised concerns for at least one local animal welfare group. The organization No Kill Lane County gathered on Wednesday to question practices at the shelter, arguing that Greenhill should be more … Continue reading »

Final Day for Lane County Animal Services

EUGENE, Ore. — The boxes are packed and the final goodbyes are under way. Due to recent budget cuts in Lane County, Greenhill Humane Society will take over Lane County Animal Shelter starting Sunday. “There have been a lot of tears today. People are really sad,” said Volunteer Outreach Coordinator Elizabeth Thompson. Courtney Pandol has … Continue reading »

Greenhill Humane Takes Over LCAS

EUGENE, Ore. — Greenhill Humane Society and Lane County Animal Services are in the last few stages of their transition. LCAS will no longer be at its home on West First Avenue. Starting Sunday, Greenhill will take over all operations. The group says the public shouldn’t notice any major changes in service. The two groups … Continue reading »

LCAS Turns Shelter Over to Greenhill

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s official–Greenhill Humane Society is moving in to the Lane County Animal Services shelter. Staff at LCAS say because they’ve known about the transition for a few months, the sting turned into strength. Though the transition will be chaotic and emotional, their priority here on out is the animals. “We’d like to … Continue reading »