Crews Return Home After Battling Fire

LEABURG, Ore. — After days on the fire lines crews from the Eugene and Springfield area are returning home. Firefighters say the Two Bulls Fire caught them off guard and it came early for wildfire season. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t prepared. Six rigs from Eugene-Springfield Fire, South Lane County Fire and Rescue, Coburg … Continue reading »

New Fire Station Opens in Leaburg

LEABURG, Ore. — McKenzie Fire and Rescue held its ribbon cutting ceremony for its new fire station in Leaburg Wednesday morning. McKenzie Fire and Rescue says the construction process only took about a year. The new station is in the center of their district and will have amenities, like a gym and workout facility for … Continue reading »

Leaburg Fish Hatchery Sign Recovered

LEABURG, Ore. – More than $2,000 in property was stolen from the Leaburg Fish Hatchery a week ago. A freshly updated sign was stolen from front entrance. Erik Withalm, the hatchery manager, says the entry sign was recovered at the Old McKenzie Hatchery at Leaburg Lake Monday morning. The sign was found in the back … Continue reading »

Leaburg Fish Hatchery Signs Stolen

LEABURG, Ore. — More than $2,000 in property was stolen from the Leaburg Fish Hatchery. Two freshly updated signs are now missing from the front entrance. It’s been nearly two weeks since the signs were stolen and hatchery managers were still trying to figure out who did it and why on Monday. The hatchery staff … Continue reading »