Leaves Available for Gardeners

EUGENE, Ore. — While many of us are trying to get rid of our leaves, others are signing up to get them delivered to their homes. About 75 percent of the leaves collected in Eugene during leaf pickup get delivered to homes, 20 percent to community gardens, and a small amount goes to commercial recyclers. … Continue reading »

Lane County Leaf Collection Begins

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County begins its leaf collection program Monday, Nov. 17. Public Works crews plan to come collect your leaves, weather permitting. Leaves must be in the roadway, but away from parked cars, storm drains, gutters, bike and traffic lanes and curbs. Lane County will not pickup leaves on sidewalks or in private … Continue reading »

Eugene Prepares for More Rain

EUGENE, Ore. — Public Works crews in Eugene are bracing themselves for another storm. Tuesday, they were out suctioning up as much of the debris from Monday’s rain as possible. Staff members say the city has a really great storm drainage system, but the trick is making sure the water has a clear path down … Continue reading »

Eugene Launches Leaf Collection Website

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene is launching a new tool Thursday to help people with the leaf collection program. You can type in your address o find out what zone you live in and when your leaves will be picked up. The city’s leaf collection program starts on November 3rd in the central … Continue reading »

Crews Begin Leaf Collection Process

EUGENE, Ore. — Public works crews will begin scooping leaves from Eugene neighborhood streets this week. Residents are asked to┬ápile leaves in the streets, away from gutters, bike lanes and cars. In Springfield, residents are required to put leaves in plastic bags and place them on the curb. If you live in central Eugene, leaf … Continue reading »

How to Dispose Leaves

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s that time of the year when lots of people in Eugene will be working hard out in their yards to rake up leaves. If you find yourself raking leaves and not having anywhere to put them, the city’s leaf collection program starts in a few weeks. “It is the time of … Continue reading »

How to Compost Leaves Properly

EUGENE, Ore. — Now that leaves are changing colors, it’s the time of the year to decide what to do with all those leaves piling up in your front yard. And while the city of Eugene’s leaf pick-up program starts next month, adding leaves to your compost pile is another option. Local compost specialists say … Continue reading »

Corvallis Leaf Cleanup Campaign

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The Public Works Department says leaves can become a source of water pollution, and it is asking residents not to place leaves in the streets. The vibrant fall colors are appearing everywhere throughout the Willamette Valley. But as those leaves fall, they start turning brown, and yard-owners are starting to get rid … Continue reading »

Springfield Leaf Collection Begins

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The leaves are falling all around us, which means it’s time for leaf collection. The city of Eugene started cleaning up the leaves a couple weeks ago. This week Springfield residents should be ready to have their leaves ready for pickup too. Put them in medium-sized garbage bags. Those will be picked … Continue reading »

Residents Frustrated with Leaf Pick-up

EUGENE, Ore. — A viewer e-mailed us, frustrated about the leaf pickup situation in Eugene. Stephen said, “How did we get into this situation where the city assumed responsibility for all of these leaves? Clogged storm drains, blocked bike lanes, slippery when wet. Just plain stupid!” The city actually says it wishes people used the … Continue reading »

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