SOU Awarded LEED Building Certification

ASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon University is continuing to strive to make its campus more environmentally friendly. SOU announced Monday that it has been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold for the construction of its new Raider Village Complex. The new development consists of two new residence halls and a dining facility that … Continue reading »

UO Lab LEED Platinum Certified

EUGENE, Ore. — A University of Oregon science building has become the first LEED platinum college laboratory in the state. It’s also the first of its kind on campus. Only nine education buildings in Oregon, and only 12 percent of all LEED-certified buildings worldwide have reached platinum status. It’s not an easy task to achieve, … Continue reading »

Arena Awarded LEED Gold Certification

EUGENE, Ore. — It looks silver and black, but Matthew Knight Arena is almost as green as it gets. The University of Oregon announced Wednesday that the building was awarded LEED gold certification. That’s the second-highest offered after platinum. The arena is the first building on campus to achieve gold status. It received the certification … Continue reading »

Forest Service Building LEED Certified

MCKENZIE BRIDGE, Ore. — The forest service’s new ranger station building on the McKenzie River just received a big honor Thursday. It’s now LEED certified. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Rangers say supervising staff worked hard to make sure the new addition to the station was as energy efficient and environmentally … Continue reading »

LEED Certification Criticized

EUGENE, Ore. — As more buildings all across the country boast LEED certification, there’s criticism that it’s just too easy to be considered green anymore. There are several different LEED levels–Certification, Silver, Gold and Platinum. To become certified, a building has to have at least 40 of the green requirements on the LEED checklist. Some … Continue reading »