Organization Fighting Logging Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — Local environmentalists are speaking out against the proposed O&C Land Grant Act of 2013. The Organization Environment Oregon says the bill would do more damage than good. Representative Peter DeFazio and Senator Ron Wyden champion the bill as a balance between logging and conservation, but Environment Oregon says there is a long … Continue reading »

Bill to Boost BLM Land Logging

EUGENE, Ore. — Some changes could soon be coming to the timber industry in Oregon, as a bill passes through the United States House of Representatives to boost logging BLM land. Representative Peter DeFazio says it’s been a work in progress for two years, and on Friday a group of Oregon congressmen, along with a … Continue reading »

Neighbors Try to Stop Local Logging

VENETA, Ore — Many neighbors in the Trinity Terrace subdivision in Veneta say they moved to the neighborhood for the trees, but this week, they found out the greenways behind their houses they thought were protected, are not actually as safe as they thought. The Cummings live right at the end of Trinity Street, on … Continue reading »

Forest Activists Cover Up Billboard

EUGENE, Ore. — A group of environmental activists commandeered a Eugene billboard with its own anti-logging message. The group calling itself Cascadia Forest Defenders hung a banner on this billboard along I-5. It reads “O & C Trusts–Making Yesterday’s Ecocidal Mistakes…Again!” The banner is a response to a plan by several Oregon representatives to increase … Continue reading »

Log Truck Looses Load Closing HWY 126

WALTERVILLE, Ore. — A crash on highway 126 Tuesday sent the driver of a log truck to the hospital. The road was shut down for hours  as crews cleaned up the mess. Just after 10 a.m. the highway was closed as five different agencies worked to clear the chaos caused by an overturned logging truck. … Continue reading »

Judge Halts Controversial Logging Sale

EUGENE, Ore. — A federal judge put a halt to a controversial logging project near McKenzie Bridge. Cascadia Wildlands says they’re with the judge’s decision because the Forest Service didn’t factor in the environmental impact, but the Forest Service stands by their claim. “When we look at a landscape level for treatment of units and, and … Continue reading »

Preventing Logging Could be a Felony

SALEM, Ore. — A proposed state law could deal a blow to some environmentalists. The proposed bill would make it a felony to actively interfere with logging, such as lying in the road or a person tying themselves to a tree. The house bill targets only physical obstruction of logging. Its supporters say it would … Continue reading »

Log Loaders Compete at Conference

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Logging Conference is under way at the Lane Events Center, and the big excitement Friday surrounded the annual log loading competition. During the competition, participants had to stack nine logs into three pillars of three. The competition didn’t just bring experienced log loaders. For one competitor, the two-minute warm-up was … Continue reading »

Oregon Logging Conference Kicks Off

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Logging Conference opened its 75th year with a positive outlook and an address by Congressman Peter DeFazio. OLC organizers say things are looking up in the industry, but the road moving forward is not a clear straight-away. DeFazio says he working on a partial solution, but it’s going to require … Continue reading »

Crews Set Up Oregon Logging Conference

EUGENE, Ore. — All hands are on deck for the 2013 Oregon Logging Conference. Manufacturers started moving in Tuesday at the Lane County Fairgrounds for the annual event. This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the conference that showcases the latest technology in logging equipment. The manager of Papé Machinery says it takes several months … Continue reading »

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