Crews Repair Damaged Tombstones

NEAR SANTA CLARA, Ore. — Crews at Luper Pioneer Cemetery spent Sunday repairing two tombstones knocked over by vandals. Two workers lifted the tombstones with the help of a pulley system and glued them back together. Vandals have hit the cemetery before. Workers say although the property is tucked away from the road and gated, … Continue reading »

Local Pioneer Cemetery Vandalized Again

Near SANTA CLARA, Ore. — Disappointing–that’s how Luper Cemetery volunteers describe new damage caused by vandals, even as crews work to repair tombstones broken several years ago. More than 160 people are buried at Luper Pioneer Cemetery, and while they may no longer be walking this earth, cemetery caretakers say they’re still victims of this … Continue reading »

Vandals Strike Historic Cemetery Again

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Cleanup is under way in one of the valley’s oldest pioneer cemeteries. Vandals knocked over a few of the headstones over the weekend at the Luper Pioneer Cemetery. Most of them appeared to be just pushed over on their sides. This is the third time in the last few years vandals … Continue reading »