Primary Election Voter Turnout Low

EUGENE, Ore. — Tuesday is election day and┬ávoter turnout is relatively low this year. Lane County typically sees 37 to 42 percent turnout for a primary election. But at 21 percent this year, it’s one of the lowest turnouts so far. The elections office says two things really compel people to vote. One is that … Continue reading »

Residents React to Ballot Initiatives

EUGENE, Ore. — Some Eugene residents could be paying nearly $250 if voters pass three separate ballot initiatives. The Eugene City Council and county commissioners have voted to put initiatives on the May ballot. 4J could also add one into the mix this week. The taxpayers getting hit the hardest would be those who own … Continue reading »

Eugene Services Fee Up to Voters

EUGENE, Ore. — Another budget-related issue has landed on the May ballot. Eugene city councilors voted Wednesday to send a city services fee to voters. The county decided Tuesday to put its public safety levy on the ballot, and Wednesday with a vote of six-to-two, the city will also be looking to the public to … Continue reading »

Public Safety Levy Approved

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County voters will decide whether to give more money to the struggling Lane County Sheriff’s Office. The vote wasn’t unanimous, but Tuesday county commissioners approved a property tax levy for the May ballot. Lane County public safety levies haven’t had the best track record. Fourteen failed since 1974. Nine of those … Continue reading »