New Medical Marijuana Facility in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — A new medical marijuana facility is up and running in Eugene, but state law says it shouldn’t be yet. Emerald City Medicinal Delivery Service has been open since the beginning of October. Owner David Evans says he understands the registration process with the state hasn’t started yet, but he says there are … Continue reading »

SPD Investigates Shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield Police is investigating a shooting that allegedly is over the attempted theft of medical marijuana. Police say they responded to the home at about 6 a.m. Tuesday, in west Springfield. Richard Allen Kelly was lying in a neighboring yard, with a single gunshot wound. Police say they took the gun from … Continue reading »

Medical Marijuana Patients React to Bill

GREENLEAF, Ore. — Local medical marijuana advocates are anxiously waiting for the governor to sign a bill that will allow a licensing system for marijuana dispensaries. Jim Greig, an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholder, has been fighting for this for many years. He believes the bill will help thousands of patients like himself and is … Continue reading »

Local Marijuana Dispensary Raided

EUGENE, Ore. — A local marijuana dispensary is back open after a narcotics raid Thursday afternoon. The team of local law enforcement agencies says it seized pounds of marijuana that was ready for distribution, as well as evidence of money laundering. But customers of the dispensary say it’s hard for them to believe the business … Continue reading »

House Introduces Medical Marijuana Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — Some Oregon lawmakers are teaming up with medical marijuana advocates. Both sides want to improve the registry of medical pot in the state. They’ve introduced a bill in the House to do that. Bill 3460 would take the current system with loop holes and make it safer and easier for patients to … Continue reading »

Locals React to Marijuana Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon could be the next state to legalize marijuana. The House Judiciary Committee will soon hold a public hearing on a bill to legalize the drug in Oregon. Oregon lawmakers are looking at regulating and taxing the sale of marijuana to raise money for education and other government services. Cheryl Smith, Executive … Continue reading »

Cannabis Center Owner Arrested

EUGENE, Ore. — Several months of investigation ended with five search warrants executed and two arrests. Lane County, Douglas County, state and federal investigators helped in the case. They arrested Austin Mullins, 23, and Curtis Shimmin, 54. Shimmin ran Kannabosm, a cannabis resource center. It was one of the five locations searched. The others were … Continue reading »

PTSD Medical Marijuana Push

EUGENE, Ore. — Should people suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder be allowed to treat it with marijuana? One group says yes. Some medical marijuana advocates are pushing to add PTSD to the list of conditions that allow for a medical marijuana card. “Veterans are claiming PTSD benefits at an ever increasing rate,” said Cmdr. James … Continue reading »

Study: Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Increase Teen Pot Use

EUGENE, Ore. — Does legalizing medical marijuana lead to more teens smoking pot? That’s what a new study, co-authored by a University of Oregon researcher, aimed to find out. “When we thought about it theoretically, we didn’t know what to expect,” said UO assistant professor Benjamin Hansen. “There are certain reasons you might think supply … Continue reading »

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