Credit Union Teaches Kids About Money

EUGENE, Ore. — A local credit union is giving out free money boxes that are meant to teach children about being responsible with money. They’re called moonjars. Each moonjar is made up of three different boxes labeled spend, save, and share. Northwest Community Credit Union has 10,000 of the money banks to give out, and … Continue reading »

Many Americans Don’t Plan to Retire

WASHINGTON — (CNN) A new study shows that nearly one in eight workers expect they will never be able to afford to retire completely. The new report, done by HSBC, looked at 16,000 people in 15 countries and studied their finances – most importantly their saving for retirement. It paints a gloomy picture, showing that retirement … Continue reading »

Eugene Budget Talks Bring More Questions

EUGENE, Ore. — Another lengthy discussion during the Eugene city budget meeting Thursday night brought about some ideas, but concerns still linger. Councilors are still going back and forth about how to avert pending cuts to city services. There was a popular recommendation made, but it only provides a temporary fix but could save services … Continue reading »

City Holds Another Public Budget Meeting

EUGENE, Ore. — The city’s budget committee will continue discussions Thursday night as it figures out a way to fill an estimated $6.3 million shortfall. Last week, City Manager Jon Ruiz proposed $5.3 million in cuts to various city services, including libraries, fire, police, parks and recreation. The service cuts currently on the table aren’t … Continue reading »

Budget Committee Considers Options

EUGENE, Ore. — While a majority of Tuesday night’s city budget meeting was spent giving public comment, there was a little time left over for a discussion about funds. Committee members talked about the possibility of using one-time funds to prevent immediate cuts. The money would come from potential PERS savings or drawing on reserves. … Continue reading »

Cutting Costs as a Wedding Guest

(CNN) — When wedding guests receive an invitation, they’re excited for the happy couple but might be concerned about the costs. The latest American Express Spending and Saving Tracker Survey found 30 percent of adults will be attending one or more weddings this year. That means one or more occasions for celebrating and spending. Wedding … Continue reading »

Merkley Presents Economic Proposal

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Even as the economy continues to recover, lawmakers say there’s room for improvement. U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley has a new proposal to help rebuild the economy. The senator spoke in front of a packed house at the Springfield City Club Thursday. His focus was that education and a hands-on approach will help … Continue reading »

ATMs to Get a Facelift

(CNN) — The nation’s biggest banks are rolling out the next generation of ATMs. The latest models include features like video chatting with a live teller, getting change or paying your credit card bill. Bank of America’s new teller assist machines, for example, allow a customer to swipe a debit or credit card, driver’s license … Continue reading »

Oregon Senate Approves PERS Cut

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Senate passed a bill Thursday that would cut pension benefits for retired government workers. It passed with a 16 to 13 vote and now heads to the House for a vote. This bill reduces the cost of living increases, or COLA, for retirees who earn more than $20,000 a year. … Continue reading »

New Scam Targets Those Looking for Love

EUGENE, Ore. — A new scam is targeting internet users looking for love, but taking their money instead. Internet scammers pose as members of the U.S. military looking for romance. Once they make a connection, they begin to ask for money for transportation, medical bills, cell phones and internet charges. The number of complaints have … Continue reading »

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