Mosquito Bite Myths

(CNN) — Mosquitos are annoying, and no one wants to get bitten, but avoiding them is a pretty good idea because they also can carry serious diseases. So it’s important to separate the facts from beliefs that are just plain wrong. One common myth is that all mosquitoes bite humans. According to the Centers for … Continue reading »

Chikungunya Confirmed in Lane County

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — The first confirmed case of the chikungunya virus has been found in Lane County. Lane County Public Health says a healthy adult male who’d been traveling in the Caribbean contracted it. The virus is transmitted through mosquito bites. It first appeared in the Caribbean in 2013 and has since spread rapidly … Continue reading »

Lane County Man Contracts West Nile

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — It’s late in the year, but Lane County has just confirmed its first case of West Nile Virus. The patient is hospitalized at Sacred Heart RiverBend with a brain infection, which is a very rare case that afflicts less than one percent of infected people. Lane County Public Health says he may … Continue reading »