Fire Breaks Out at Mt. Pisgah

EUGENE, Ore. — Just a day after a massive fire at a Springfield mill, fire crews were once again put to the test Friday as a fire ignited near Mt. Pisgah. Lane County Parks is investigating the cause of the fire. It broke out Friday afternoon in the northwest portion of Buford Park. Crews worked … Continue reading »

Thousands Run the “Dirty Dash”

EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of people got down and dirty Saturday in Eugene for the third annual Dirty Dash. There were over 5,000 people who ran the 5k at Mt. Pisgah. Some were experienced runners and some were first timers. Things got dirty real quick for everyone. “It was awesome,” said seven year old, Keian … Continue reading »

Volunteers Help Clean Turtle Flats

EUGENE, Ore. — Friends of Buford Park and Mt. Pisgah have plenty of friends of their own helping them Saturday as they cleaned parts of Turtle Flats. More than 20 people gathered at to help get rid of some invasive plants on the 63-acre land near Seavey Loop Road. Coordinators say this is one of … Continue reading »

Commissioners Discuss Emerald Meadows

EUGENE, Ore. — It was a heated discussion at the Lane County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning on the future of Emerald Meadows. That’s the venue where a controversial concert happened this past summer. It’s quiet and calm right now on Mt. Pisgah, but neighbors say when there are events there during the summer, … Continue reading »

Contract Cancelled for Kaleidoscope

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A controversial music festival recently held at Mt. Pisgah has been cancelled indefinitely. Lane County leaders cancelled the Kaleidoscope Music Festival Tuesday morning at a county meeting. Those who spoke at the meeting and live near Mt. Pisgah say the noise from the Kaleidoscope Music Festival was almost unbearable. County leaders say … Continue reading »

Kaleidoscope Cancelled at Mt. Pisgah

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – The Lane County Parks Department says it cancelled its contract with OneEleven Events for future use of the Emerald Meadows venue near Mt. Pisgah. The parks department said the decision to cancel the contract followed complaints of loud noise, trash and potential environmental damage to the park during the Kaleidoscope Music Festival. … Continue reading »

Kaleidoscope Music Festival Kicks Off

EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of people are experiencing the first-ever Kaleidoscope Music Festival at Mt. Pisgah this weekend. Friday marks the start of the event, which runs through Sunday. Organizers say it’s an excellent fusion of a variety of bands and other entertainment, but not everyone is happy about the music in the meadows; some … Continue reading »

Faerieworlds Realm at Mt. Pisgah

EUGENE, Ore. — People at Mt. Pisgah experienced another realm at the 12th annual Faerieworlds, Saturday. Everyone came in their unique costumes to make their fantasies a reality. From fairies to fantasy super heroes, people expressed themselves through appearance, dancing and singing. Fair co-producer Robert Gould says over the years the event has gained popularity … Continue reading »

Faerieworlds Opens at Mt. Pisgah

EUGENE, Ore. — Twelve years strong, the annual Faerieworlds kicked off today at Mt. Pisgah. The event melds together folk music and dance with fantasy-inspired entertainment. Faerieworlds is the second-largest festival in Eugene, attracting thousands of guests from across the U.S., Canada and even Europe. Organizers say the event allows visitors to explore different world … Continue reading »

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum Celebrates 40 Years

EUGENE, Ore. — Thursday night, the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum celebrated 40 years of service to the community. The non-profit held its Annual Summer Celebration at the White Oak Pavilion. Organizers said they always focus on educating the public about the local environment and are using the event to do just that. The group will present … Continue reading »

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