Netflix Hikes Subscription Rates

(CNN) — New Netflix subscribers will have to pay a dollar more. The company sent an e-mail to subscribers saying it’s raising prices to $8.99 a month. That only applies to new subscribers, for now. Netflix says current members will be locked into their $7.99 a month rate for two years. Netflix warned a price … Continue reading »

Netflix Pursuing Cable-TV Deals

(CNN) — Netflix, the popular online video service, could soon be available through your cable box. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is in talks with several U.S. cable providers, including Comcast, to offer its service through an app on their set top boxes. Currently, customers who want to stream Netflix on their … Continue reading »

Hollywood Video Building Demolished

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Hollywood Video store near Gateway Mall was reduced to a pile of bricks Saturday. The store closed years ago, one of many Hollywood Video outlets to go out of business in Lane County. Hollywood Video’s competitor, Blockbuster, is still in the area, but it’s closing locations left and right too. At … Continue reading »

Netflix Viewership Doubles During Sandy

(CNN) — With millions of people staying home along the East Coast until Hurricane Sandy passed, downloading movies appeared to be a way to pass the time. Netflix saw its viewership double on the East Coast during Sandy. The company didn’t go into detail about the downloads, but it did say there was a morning … Continue reading »