Tiny Shrimp, Big Business

  NEWPORT, Ore. — Shrimp fishing is booming in Oregon. It’s good news on this National Shrimp Day. The tiny shellfish has come a long way in Oregon. Since shrimp fishing began in the 1950s, it’s grown into a multi-million dollar business. Last year, fishermen caught 49 million pounds of shrimp, worth about $24 million. … Continue reading »

ODFW Opens Free Angler Libraries

NEWPORT, Ore. – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is making it easier than ever for kids 17 years old and younger to discover the joy of fishing. ODFW opened four equipment lending libraries along the Oregon coast. At each library kids can access  everything they need for recreation fishing. Fishing rods and reels … Continue reading »

Fishermen Concerned about Tsunami Debris

NEWPORT, Ore. — Now that the dock washed ashore near Newport, local fishermen worry what other debris they might encounter out at sea. The Newport fishermen KEZI 9 News spoke with say they were surprised to see how large the dock is. They say they’ve seen plenty of debris recently while they’ve been out fishing, … Continue reading »

Tsunami Dock’s Attraction Boosts Local Economy

NEWPORT, Ore. — Those headed to the coast to take a look at the dock that washed ashore on Tuesday are also stopping at local businesses to shop. Business owners KEZI 9 News spoke with in Newport say any time something washes ashore along the coast they see an increase in sales. They say the … Continue reading »

Dock Decision Still Looms

NEWPORT, Ore. — Oregon Parks and Recreation crews are still trying to decide what to do with that large dock that washed ashore near Newport. They have two options, either demolish it on site or pull it out to sea to salvage it. Estimates reveal either way would cost tens of thousands of dollars. “We … Continue reading »

Crews Remove Invasive Species from Washed Up Dock

NEWPORT, Ore. — Dislodged by disaster, a Japanese dock travels thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean and is now part of a scientific scramble. Researchers returned to Agate Beach Thursday morning to carefully clean the dock. Wednesday, the dock was covered with invasive species native to Japan latching on, but Thursday they were all … Continue reading »

Japanese Fridge Found on Beach

NEWPORT, Ore. — It seems other items from Japan are also washing up on the Oregon Coast. A viewer sent us pictures of a refrigerator she found on the beach just below the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Stefanie Sheava says her family was out near the jetty Memorial Day weekend and saw the fridge. At first … Continue reading »

Invasive Species Found on Tsunami Dock

NEWPORT, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to remove organism from the Japanese dock, which washed up on Agate Beach Tuesday morning. The 66-foot-long dock was confirmed as debris from the March 2011 Japanese Tsunami, Wednesday, and is coverd with native and exotic marine organisms. These organisms are salt water-dependent and … Continue reading »

Crews Bury Marine Organisms Covering Japanese Dock

NEWPORT, Ore. — Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff and volunteers removed the marine organisms that covered the Japanese dock. Nearly a 1,500 lbs of plant and animal material was removed from the dock and buried landwards from the site. A hole, approximately 8 feet deep, was excavated by the Oregon Parks and Recreation … Continue reading »

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