Hundreds Sickened on Cruise Ship

SAN PEDRO, Ca. (CNN) — Nearly 200 passengers and crew members on board a Princess Cruises cruise ship have norovirus. The CDC is now investigating. Norovirus is a common gastrointestinal illness that causes intestinal distress, vomiting and diarrhea. The ship sailed from Tahiti to Los Angeles on a month-long cruise. According to the CDC, this … Continue reading »

Potential Norovirus Outbreak

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Residents at a Springfield senior care facility are changing their daily habits as Lane County Public Health investigates a potential Norovirus outbreak at the facility. Health officials said a large amount of patients at Emeritus Senior Living have symptoms of a stomach virus. The facility reports to public health when there’s a … Continue reading »

125 Veterans Sick With Norovirus

WHITE CITY, Ore. — Veterans could be seen crossing Crater Lake Highway on Wednesday to grab a cup of coffee or go to the convenience store. Along the way, each one was talking about the Norovirus, and some even said Wednesday was the first day they were feeling better after first feeling symptoms on Saturday. … Continue reading »

School Norovirus Investigation Concluded

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. — Douglas County Health and Social Services concluded its investigation of a norovirus outbreak at several schools. Students and staff first contracted the virus at Fir Grove Elementary School. An outbreak occurred later at Oakland Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School, Oakland High School. According to test results, the virus strains were nearly … Continue reading »

Students Stay Home after Outbreak

OAKLAND, Ore. — Oakland students got a short school week after a virus spread through the elementary, middle and high schools. The district decided to send all students home Wednesday afternoon after several got sick. Crews spent Thursday disinfecting the classrooms while students just enjoyed a surprise four-day weekend. This school shutdown follows one a … Continue reading »

Oakland Schools Send Students Home

OAKLAND, Ore. — Another Douglas County school district has been hit by a bug so hard, it had to send students home. It closed its elementary, middle and high schools at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. Oakland only has a four-day week, so students were going to be off Friday anyway. Administrators say classes will be back … Continue reading »

Victims Tested Positive for Norovirus

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Douglas County Health and Social Services released an update about an illness that swept through a Roseburg Elementary School, forcing it to shut down for two days. Five of the victims tested positive for norovirus. Last Thursday, half the school called in sick. More students and staff fell ill when they got … Continue reading »